September 14, 2011 07:00 ET

Guaranty Bank and Trust Launches New Secure Browsing Service From IronKey to Protect Business Customers From Cybercrime

New Banking Innovation Works to Secure Online Transactions at Their PCs

DENVER, CO and SUNNYVALE, CA--(Marketwire - Sep 14, 2011) - Guaranty Bank and Trust Company, a Colorado-based community bank for over 50 years and wholly-owned subsidiary of Guaranty Bancorp (NASDAQ: GBNK), has taken the lead in the state to proactively protect its business customers against escalating threats from cyber thieves targeting ACH and online wire payment transfers.

Guaranty Bank is joining forces with banking security leader IronKey, Inc. to offer its business customers IronKey Trusted Access, a secure browser that helps prevent identity theft, payments fraud and online banking account takeover.

"In keeping with our commitment to constantly improve our service, we want to proactively protect our business customers where criminal attacks take place today -- on their own computers," said Paul Taylor, CEO of Guaranty Bank. "This new technology is another way that Guaranty Bank is providing market-leading banking services for our community."

With Trusted Access, Guaranty Bank protects online business banking customers using new, secure browsing technology that helps to keep them safe even if their own PC is infected with financial malware. According to the Anti-Phishing Working Group's "Phishing Activity Trends Report, 2nd Half 2010," 45 percent of all U.S. computers scanned in this period were infected with crimeware designed to collect information and steal users' credentials. Furthermore, SpyEye Trojan crimeware, as an example, is detected by anti-virus software only 25.3 percent of the time according to SpyEye Tracker.

"Guaranty Bank is a trusted business partner and we are pleased they brought us a solution that provides a more secure environment for our business while conducting financial transactions online," said George Dew, vice president and CFO for Sterling Lumber. "In today's environment, you can never be too secure and in less than five minutes we were up and running on Trusted Access."

Guaranty Bank will deliver Trusted Access on a portable, easy-to-use USB device. When inserted into a PC, it launches a secure, read-only Web browser that works to protect against malware hidden in the client's computer. The browser opens on Guaranty Bank's website and only works with the encrypted IronKey Trusted Network.

The IronKey Trusted Access method is one of the effective security controls recognized by the Federal Financial Institutions Examinations Council (FFIEC) in its new guidelines for stronger online security that go into effect starting January 2012. Trusted Access also meets NACHA and FBI recommendations for safe online banking by providing a dedicated, isolated and secure browser environment. And the secure browser approach is recognized by research firm Gartner, Inc. as one of most critical security controls for preventing online banking fraud.

"Guaranty Bank is continuing to demonstrate its commitment to the community by offering IronKey Trusted Access. The bank is leading the financial services industry in Colorado with new innovations to help keep their customers' businesses and assets safe," said Arthur Wong, CEO of IronKey.

You can learn more about Guaranty Bank's Trusted Access program at and about IronKey's Trusted Access Platform, including secure browsing technology, by visiting

About Guaranty Bancorp
Guaranty Bancorp is a bank holding company that operates 34 branches in Colorado through a single bank, Guaranty Bank and Trust Company. Chartered in 1955, the bank provides banking and other financial services including real estate, construction, commercial and industrial, energy, consumer and agricultural loans throughout the Front Range of Colorado to consumers and small to medium-sized businesses, including the owners and employees of those businesses. The bank also provides private banking and trust services, including personal trust administration, estate settlement, investment management accounts and self-directed IRAs. More information about Guaranty Bancorp can be found at

About IronKey
Ranked as the 14th best venture-funded company in The Wall Street Journal's "Next Big Thing 2011" survey, IronKey secures data and online access with software and hardware solutions managed through cloud-based services. IronKey's award-winning Trusted Access Platform helps financial institutions reduce the risk of online fraud, achieve compliance with Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) guidelines, and acquire new customers with a competitive advantage. Starting with secure browsing that keeps customers safe from crimeware attacks on their PCs, banks can add multiple layers of security to meet the needs of client risk and value. IronKey's industry-leading mobile data protection solutions prevent costly data breaches with military-grade encrypted portable storage devices and cloud-based management. Visit for more information.

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