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April 21, 2008 09:30 ET

Guerilla PR Helps Wacom's Bamboo Tablet Capture Facebook Users' Attention, Winning ad:tech Limelight Award

Social Network Contests Draw 10,000 Digital Art Entries, 1.5 Million Votes

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - April 21, 2008) - Guerilla PR, Inc. won top honors from marketing association ad:tech ( for the online agency's innovative social media campaign using the Graffiti Wall application on Facebook to highlight the creativity possible with Wacom's new pen tablet called Bamboo. An innovative pen input device, Bamboo takes the place of a computer mouse to enable individuals to draw, sketch, paint, and photo retouch in a digital environment, all with the intuitive and natural feel of pen on paper.

Guerilla PR collaboratively designed and produced a social media campaign on Facebook comprised of three contests run in partnership with Graffiti (currently one the top ten 3rd party applications on Facebook today), resulting in more than 10,000 user-generated drawings across three contests. The contests further elicited more than 1.5 million votes, making them some of the most popular contests on Facebook. (Winning entries available at

"To successfully build affinity for Bamboo with a younger audience of drawing enthusiasts, Guerilla PR sought to foster authentic relationships with individuals as opposed to marketing at them," offered Michael Leifer, CEO and Cultural Anthropologist, who added, "The long-term strategy is to establish an engaged, scalable and evolving community."

To accomplish this, Guerilla PR built a non-commercial Facebook Page to engage individuals on a peer-to-peer level, ( and conducted outreach on behalf of Wacom, directly connecting with art enthusiasts, hobbyists and other recreational creatives. The Bamboo page served as an ongoing showcase of the winning entries from each of the three contests (Monsters, Objects Brought to Life and Elements) while demonstrating the benefits and features of Bamboo tablets. The page also enabled direct response to questions, providing immediate feedback, product recommendations and technical support.

"Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of helping to build the Bamboo Facebook page was observing how people started to respond to and answer each other's questions, which enabled the community to take on a life of its own," reflected Zachary Van Dorn, Senior Strategist, Guerilla PR, "evolving into a type of self-sustained peer-to-peer support center."

"Many companies are struggling to find ways to participate in social media networks," stated Cory O'Brien, Outreach Director, Guerilla PR. "Wacom's efforts demonstrate the importance of engaging in the online community as both a leader and participant, where they could develop meaningful relationships with individuals and groups and demonstrate that, especially on Facebook, companies need to think outside the banner."

Electronic Bamboo Campaign Press Kit:

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