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June 18, 2013 12:03 ET

Guerrilla Mobile to Integrate MarcoPoloLoco Mobile App Technology

PITTSBURGH, PA--(Marketwired - June 18, 2013) - Guerrilla Mobile will be integrating MarcoPoloLoco's spacetime messaging mobile app technology into apps as a service for their customers.

The Guerrilla Mobile platform delivers a branded, mobile engagement marketing app for retailers. It is a turnkey, self-service solution that automates word-of-mouth marketing for the retailer, and induces consumers to be brand advocates by making brand sharing fun and rewarding. It also enables retailers to push-market relevant offers to consumers, by connecting every app with a cross-promotions platform and by mining gathered data to model local consumer behaviors. This generates new business for the retailers subscribed to the platform.

Integration of MarcoPoloLoco's patent-pending spacetime messaging will allow subscribing businesses to broadcast special offers and coupons to customers based upon location and time. Joe Roets, MarcoPoloLoco's CEO said the technology offers unique value to businesses.

MarcoPoloLoco powered offers "can reduce the spam effect to customers, and maximize the value of the offer based upon time and a customer's location," he said, citing some examples. Future: "A restaurant might offer a limited special on certain nights to only those people within reasonable driving distance."  Past: "A live music venue might offer a special to those customers that were at a show last month knowing that those people are most likely to be interested in an upcoming show." And "in what we call 'counter-marketing,' a deli shop might make an offer to people near a competitor's shop, in order to lure the competitor's customers to try out a new sandwich."

In location aware mobile apps, privacy is of paramount importance to users.  Many users are not interested in broadcasting their location to others.  MarcoPoloLoco's technology ensures that the customer's location is never made available to the business, nor which customers may have received an offer based upon their location.

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