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GuestLogix Inc.

April 24, 2014 07:00 ET

GuestLogix Announces New Cloud-Based Availability of its Global Payment Processing Technologies in Support of Common Use Transaction Processing™ (CUTP™) for Ancillary Revenue

Company Deploys Core Payment Components to the Cloud to Enable Global Access and Increased Speed of Implementation to World's Leading Travel Operators

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - April 24, 2014) - GuestLogix Inc. (TSX:GXI), the leading global provider of onboard retail and payment technology solutions to airlines and the passenger travel industry, today announced the availability of its core transaction processing technologies along with its global portfolio of 82 payment and operational certifications, as a cloud-based solution to more easily enable travel operators to transact ancillary services at all travel touch points. The Company's PCI-certified Transaction Processing Engine® (TPE®) and Global Payment Gateway™ (GPG™) currently support ancillary revenue programs of more than 80 travel operators and handle payments across 114 countries.

This new cloud-based payment processing model will help the global travel industry align itself with Common Use Transaction Processing™ (CUTP™) standards which work to ensure that airlines, airports as well as other operators within the travel segment, are able to process payments in a secure and compliant manner at all access points such as on the web, within mobile applications, at kiosks, on handheld POS devices as well as in-flight entertainment systems onboard aircraft.

"As ancillary products and services continue to be a vital business component at virtually every touch point where travel operators connect with their passengers, there is an intensifying need to ensure consistency of payment compliance and security within each access point," said Brett Proud, President & CEO of GuestLogix. "Common Use Transaction Processing™ ensures that all travel operators operate within the same payment industry standards across the globe. We are proud that the core components of GuestLogix' payment solutions are now available in a cloud-based model for any travel operator or ancillary provider to link to for rapid implementation."

CUTP™ is a shared payment processing standard that will allow global travel operators to manage all ancillary-related payments under the same worldwide guidelines which align to payment standards globally. CUTP™ encompasses all potential access points where ancillary products may be sold as well as all countries in which those transactions may occur, and as such helps airlines and other travel operators avoid having to integrate with differing payment solutions to manage and control ancillary revenue payments globally.

GuestLogix currently provides its TPE® to more than 80 travel operators through local deployments on various hardware platforms. By making its PCI-compliant TPE®, GPG™, and 82 associated Global Certifications available in the cloud, it will allow its current and future partners and customers to easily integrate these widely used and highly secure payment technologies into any access points through secure APIs. This unified payment processing model protects travel operators from the evolving certification standards and allows them to tap into required payment functionality in one country that they may not require in another. For example, a US-based travel operator can now use the same complete transaction processing service at a kiosk in New York that may only require magnetic swipe transactions, at a kiosk they deploy in the UK that requires Chip & PIN transactions or at a kiosk they deploy in Shanghai that requires acceptance of China Union Pay transactions.

"It has become commonplace in the travel market to have different business units within each operator using different payment technologies to support each of their ancillary access points," said Ilia Kostov, EVP Global Sales & Product Strategy. "We are thrilled to see CUTP™ come to light in order to drive much more consistency in the security and availability of global transaction processing at all touch points. We are proud to be in the best position to provide this service, given that we currently support transactions in 114 different countries and our global payment processing technologies are now fully available through cloud-based services."

GuestLogix is currently working with several leading travel operators, as well as developing new partnerships with major travel technology companies, to make use of its cloud-based global payment processing technologies in a rapid manner.

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GuestLogix Inc. (TSX:GXI) is a global leader in comprehensive retail solutions delivered to the passenger travel industry, both onboard and off-board. Bringing over a decade of expertise as the industry's most trusted onboard transaction processing partner to airlines, rail operators and elsewhere in the passenger travel industry, GuestLogix powers the industry's growing reliance on ancillary revenue generation. Both direct to operators as well as through partnerships with global leaders in catering, duty-free, inflight entertainment and self-service retail experts, the Company provides the payment services touching over 1 billion travelling consumers each year. GuestLogix' global headquarters and centre for product innovation is located in Toronto, with regional head offices located in Dallas, London and Hong Kong. More information is available at

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