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Guide to 4th of July in Lake Tahoe: 10 Best Places to Enjoy 4th of July in Lake Tahoe Announced by

Foods and Festivals and Fireworks, Oh My! Here Are 10 of the Best Places to Enjoy Lake Tahoe's Fourth of July Celebrations as Compiled by

LAKE TAHOE, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 12, 2014) -  Already renowned for its beautiful landscapes and friendly people, Lake Tahoe really comes alive during the Fourth of July. But where are the best places to see the fireworks or salute the flag? Where should visitors go to make the most out of Independence Day in one of America's liveliest cities? Today,, Lake Tahoe's leading tourism resource, announced a guide to 4th of July weekend in Lake Tahoe.

1: Hit The Beach
Lake Tahoe has a number of shimmering, glittering beaches, and all of them are great places to park the family for a fireworks display. Nevada Beach boasts Lights on the Lake, one of the largest and most famous fireworks shows in the country, and the Timber Cove Marina offers paddle boat rentals to view poppers, rockets and wheelies from the middle of the water. There are also parties and viewing events stretching across miles of coast on Moondunes Beach and Emerald Bay. For a full list of beaches in Lake Tahoe use

2: Picnic In The Park
Couples will love the shaded trees and romantic alcoves of D. L. Bliss State Park. Kids will burn manic amounts of energy on the playgrounds of Kings Beach State Recreation Area. For the more private individual, try Chambers Beach, where only cyclists and pedestrians are allowed on the shore. Don't let someone's headlights ruin the vivid, eye-popping colors of Fourth of July fireworks!

3: Raise A Flag
Bring meaning back to Independence Day by remembering why it exists in the first place. Lake Tahoe's main fire station has several flag-raising ceremonies throughout the week; Incline Village hosts three different veteran's lunches for anyone who has served their country. The village is also home to a "Salute Our Heroes" event where visitors of all ages are encouraged to learn about the history of the U.S. and the heroes who sacrificed their lives for freedom.

4: Join A Parade
Snaking around the historical roads of Truckee, the annual Truckee Community Parade begins bright and early at 10am. Participants don bright, colorful costumes and blow kisses to the crowd from gigantic floats that celebrate all things patriotic and American. Once the march is over, the crowds gather at West End Beach for finger food and family activities until night falls and the fireworks light up the sky. From sparklers to spinners, this is one event visitors won't want to miss!

5: Enjoy A Festival
Travelers from all over the country come to enjoy Red, White and Tahoe Blue, a famous Independence Day festival that lasts for three days and doesn't quit until dawn. From barbeques in the afternoon to late-night, open-air concerts that ring in the eventual light show, this is a celebration of food, fun and fireworks that turns every minute into a party. Best of all, it's appropriate for all ages, so the entire family will have something to do! Parents will enjoy the "beer and brat" events; kids will love the face-painting booths and rubber duck races.

6: Rent A Vacation Home
Planning an extended trip? Don't want to miss a moment of the excitement? Rent a piece of real estate from Tahoe Luxury Properties. They offer high-quality homes and gorgeous views everywhere from the plains of North Shore to the mountains of Squaw Valley, and their concierge services are simply unmatched. Where else can you find personal chefs and deep-tissue massages on call? What other rental companies offer mountain cabins and mansion estates in the same price range?

7: Dunk A Friend
There's no shortage of fun at the Kings Beach Fireworks Show and Beach Party. Not only are visitors encouraged to eat, drink and dance with hundreds of new friends, but they'll also have the chance to enjoy unique activities that are only hauled out for special occasions. For example, the Beach Party has a bona fide "beer garden" for guests over the age of 21, and they also offer contests, karaoke and dunk tanks for kids or anyone else willing to cut loose. Musicians love the party as well, playing late into the night and sharing the stage with amateurs and established bands alike.

8: Take A Cruise
Remember all those beautiful beaches? They're formed by their lakes, and there's no better place to enjoy the fireworks than out on the water. Companies like Tahoe Jet Boats offer watercraft rentals for nighttime cruises and guided tours to kill time until all the Roman Candles light up the sky. From the inky depths of Gar Woods Pier to the hundreds of stars glittering above Zephyr Cove Marina, this is the way to experience Lake Tahoe like few tourists ever do, especially during such a festive time.

9: Take A Walk
There's so much to experience in Lake Tahoe that many visitors simply rent a car or hail a taxi whenever they need transportation. For those who are willing to walk, however, Lake Tahoe provides clean air and breathtaking natural beauty as far as the eye can see. Explore the landscapes of the North Shore; kick up some sand on the Dolder Nature Trail; sing with the birds while hiking Mount Tallac. There's nothing like fireworks from 5,000ft high. For a full list of hikes in the area use

10: Book A Room
For those who love fireworks but hate crowds and rowdiness, it's entirely possible to enjoy the show from a suitably-placed hotel. For example, the Aston Lakeland Village Beach & Mountain Resort sits right on the waterfront of South Lake Tahoe, making it the perfect spot to admire ferocious fireworks bursting over the lake. Visitors can also turn in the other direction for more private and grown-up gatherings. Enjoy a full list of Lake Tahoe hotels to find the perfect place to book for the big weekend.

These are just 10 ways to enjoy Independence Day festivities in Lake Tahoe. For more information, including the details of other beaches, parties and parades, visit

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