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March 07, 2007 06:00 ET

"Guilty Pleasures" Podcast Rocks iTunes

NEW YORK, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 7, 2007 -- Two pro-sex and man-loving feminists from different generations, engaging in an intelligent, uncensored, and sometimes ribald dialogue on all things sexual -- that's Carlin Ross, founder of Cherrybomb Media and, and Susan Crain Bakos, sex educator and author of ten books including "The Sex Bible" and the international bestseller, "Sexational Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to Erotic Know-how."

Their "guilty pleasures" podcast went up with no fanfare and no promotion on iTunes after New Year's weekend -- and three weeks later had nearly 180,000 downloads and more than 1,500 subscribers propelling them to "chart" or favorite status on the site. Voices for female sexual empowerment, Ross and Bakos encourage women to explore sexuality in their own way. No judgments here. They just want women to have orgasms and feel their power. With the most downloaded clip being "Never Doubt Your Sexual Power" -- do they think their message is getting across?

"We're thrilled that so many people are interested in listening to us talk while we eat chocolate, drink wine, and cook in Susan's Harlem apartment," says Ross. "The podcasts resonate with women -- and men, too -- because we're having the kind of conversation nobody ever has with their mother or daughter but wishes they could."

The women bring their own generational experiences to the table, but don't engage in competitive one-upmanship. "We learn from one another," Bakos says. "Women's lives would be enriched if we could share and learn about sexuality across the generations instead of, as Carlin says, each generation re-inventing the wheel in isolation."

Ross edits the conversations into segments like "Expect Orgasms!," "Flirt, Kiss, Fondle Your Way to Better Sex" and "Have a Good Lover Every Time." The orgasm clips comprise the biggest downloaded category. This is not a surprise to Bakos, who says, "Having an orgasm whenever and however you want to have one is the very definition of empowerment."

Ross and Bakos were introduced in spring 2006 by Cherise Davis, a prominent book editor, who said, "You two will have a lot to say to one another."

Bakos says: "She was right about that!"

Ross adds, "We've been having these conversations since Cherise brought us together. Now we're podcasting them."

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