Happiness Brussels

Happiness Brussels

October 25, 2010 12:22 ET

Gulf of Mexico BP Disaster Immortalised in Oil Icon

Happiness Brussels harvests spilled oil from Louisiana Coast

Limited edition BP-oil poster designed by Anthony Burrill

"Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana" to benefit


LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Oct. 25, 2010) -

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The ecological disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is being immortalised in "Oil & Water Do Not Mix" a limited edition of original iconic works of art made using leaked BP oil harvested from the beaches of Grand Isle, Louisiana. Set to become an international icon it will capture the mood of the world in its collective reaction to the catastrophe.

The idea was conceived far from the Gulf, in Belgium, by Happiness Brussels and designed by internationally renowned British graphic artist Anthony Burrill.

The 200 signed pieces will be sold online at www.gulfofmexico2010.com and all profits will go towards funding the work of the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana in the Gulf. The creation of "Oil & Water Do Not Mix" is captured in a two minute film documentary which can be viewed on the website.

Grégory Titeca, creative director and head of R&D at Happiness Brussels said: "Our aim is for "Oil & Water Do Not Mix" to act as an iconic reminder of our responsibilities to look after this planet and to highlight the massive ongoing clean-up and conservation tasks that lie ahead for the whole Gulf of Mexico region, both for its fragile eco-system and the livelihoods of the people who live and work there."

"When natural or man-made disaster strikes anywhere in the world we all feel compelled to reach out and do something. Many of us live with the frustration and just wait for it to go away. We took our simple idea borne out of this frustration and made it happen. We sent two of our creatives on a mission to run the BP gauntlet, get down onto the beaches and collect oil with the purpose of using this oil to create something positive. This is not about beating up BP; this is about how we learn and move forward."

Talking from his studio in England, artist Anthony Burrill said: "There is a perception among many people that the oil in the Gulf of Mexico is just going to somehow disappear and nothing could be further from the truth. For people in the Gulf, including Louisiana, the effects of this disaster will be around for a long time to come. We believe that great design can help change the world for the better and firmly hope that "Oil & Water Do Not Mix" will be a catalyst for such change."

Amy Tyrrell, program director at the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana, said: "Oil & Water Do Not Mix" is a masterstroke of purity and simplicity; deceptively simple in delivery, but simultaneously profound in meaning. Knowing that we have friends around the world will inject fresh energy into our Oil Spill Recovery program as we work tirelessly along the shores and wetlands of Louisiana to help recover from the BP oil disaster."

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