September 01, 2011 06:07 ET

Gulf Sulphur Services Ltd., LLLP Chooses Environmentally Responsible KEMROK™ Cement for Critical Chemical-Resistant Project

Gulf Sulphur Services Specifies KEMROK™ Cement, a Sustainable Alternative to Portland Cement, for Rebuilding Trenches at Its Galveston, Texas, Sulphur Terminal; Gulf Sulphur Services Has Found That the Product Is Also Much More Durable in Harsh Chemical Environments

ALEXANDRIA, VA--(Marketwire - Sep 1, 2011) - When Gulf Sulphur Services planned to replace the trenches at its Galveston sulphur terminal, it identified KEMROK™ cement, a product manufactured by CERATECH, Inc., as an environmentally responsible alternative for concrete construction. KEMROK™ is made of 95% recycled coal ash and 5% renewable materials in a process that is virtually carbon-free. In contrast, the portland cement manufacturing process generates one ton of CO2 for every ton of cement. KEMROK™ rates higher on sustainability scales, such as the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED rating system, than any other cement in the world.

Gulf Sulphur Services places a high priority on superior service and facility uptime. So they needed a product that would be durable and chemically resistant in the corrosive molten sulphur environment.

The company first used KEMROK™ for repairing half of one flow trench. "After nine months, we compared the KEMROK™ section to the one next to it repaired with Type V portland cement," says Gulf Sulphur Services Project Manager Tony Worthen. "The surface was already falling off the Type V product, but the KEMROK™ concrete looked like the day we poured it." Gulf Sulphur Services is now rebuilding the other trenches using concrete made with KEMROK™.

"We like being able to work with a 'green' product like KEMROK™ that offers superior performance in addition to meeting stringent sustainability guidelines," said Worthen. "You need a durable concrete that withstands hydrogen sulfide (H2S) exposure in the vapor zone, and thermal shocks in the trenches," he explained. "A lot of products will do these things individually, but we never found anything that did both as well as KEMROK™. We wanted to be environmentally responsible and still meet our service and reliability requirements, and in fact it looks like we will beat them," added Worthen.

Another major benefit of KEMROK™ is faster set times, speeding up construction to get the facility back in service sooner. According to Worthen, "With 'high early' designed mixes we were getting 2000psi in a few hours."

According to Mark Wasilko, CERATECH's Executive Vice President, "Our ability to provide corrosion resistant cement with a dramatically longer life cycle results in huge savings in maintenance and operating costs for our customers. It gives us a real advantage over traditional portland cements. All of our cements are made of recycled and renewable materials with virtually no carbon dioxide output."

About CERATECH, Inc.:
Founded in 2001 with executive offices in Alexandria, Virginia, and research and development based in Baltimore, Maryland, CERATECH, Inc. has pioneered and commercialized advanced high performing cements using proprietary new chemistry. CERATECH's cement system produces a range of superior concretes fitting every application. For more information about CERATECH and their products including KEMROK™ contact Shelly Dvorak at 443-524-4412 or check the company's website at and

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