September 13, 2011 10:56 ET

Gust Investor Relations Platform Powers International Start-Up Financing

Leading Investor and Entrepreneur Associations Endorse a Joint Platform to Improve Investment Efficiency and Fuel Growth of the Worldwide Innovation Economy

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwire - Sep 13, 2011) - The future of startup investing took a major leap forward today with the unveiling of Gust, a new investor relations platform integrating essential collaboration tools for both entrepreneurs and investors. Backed by industry leaders from a dozen countries, Gust provides a unified infrastructure for collaboration among entrepreneurs and early stage investors worldwide. Among the more than 50 organizations endorsing the platform are the Angel Capital Association, the National Association of Seed and Venture Funds, the Community Development Venture Capital Alliance, the World Business Angel Association, Microsoft BizSpark, the Young Entrepreneur Council and the StartUp America Partnership.

The new, free tools for entrepreneurs are available immediately at They give companies the ability to create proprietary, access-controlled web sites where they can centralize information about their operations and plans. This information is completely confidential, with visibility limited to pre-approved current and potential investors. A complementary set of free tools for individual investors, venture funds and angel groups is immediately available. These provide investors with instant access -- after entrepreneur authorization -- to potential investment opportunities they are considering, as well as companies already in their investment portfolios. The Gust platform works with the software and tools professional investors currently use to manage their investments.

After more than seven years of market and business development in the investment community under the Angelsoft brand, Gust launched today as the official investor relations platform of over 15 national and international investor associations, 150 venture capital funds, 600 business angel groups and 35,000 accredited angel investors. More than 125,000 entrepreneurs have already used the platform to create detailed profiles to share with potential investment partners. In conjunction with the launch of Gust, New York-based Angelsoft will be officially changing its corporate name to Gust.

"The Gust platform was designed and built around the collaboration needs of both the smart entrepreneur and the smart investor wanting to radically improve their opportunities for success. We've integrated powerful investor relations tools with direct access to the largest community of established, organized investors, thus supporting the entire 'pitch-to-exit' business life cycle. What's most important is that our platform has gained the trust of the world's most demanding investor and entrepreneur organizations," said David S. Rose, founder and CEO of Gust.

Initially in English, Gust will be available in eleven additional languages (French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, German, Italian, Danish, Turkish, Russian, Arabic and Polish.) A fully HTML5-compliant, mobile version will provide seamless support for smartphone and tablet users on iPhone/iPad, Android and BlackBerry.

About Gust
Gust provides the global platform for the sourcing and management of early-stage investments. Gust enables skilled entrepreneurs to collaborate with the smartest investors by virtually supporting all aspects of the investment relationship, from initial pitch to successful exit. Gust is endorsed by the world's leading business angel and venture capital associations, and powers over 750 investment organizations in 65 countries. More than 125,000 start-ups have already used the platform to connect and collaborate with over 35,000 individual accredited investors. The company was founded in 2004 under the name Angelsoft and is privately held. Gust is based in New York, New York, with a development center in Vancouver, British Columbia, and European office in Paris, France.

Key Partner Support
Gust launches with support from a wide range of industry leaders from the investment and entrepreneurial communities:

John May, Co-Chairman, World Business Angels Association; Chairman Emeritus, Angel Capital Association
"The tools available on Gust will significantly improve the way the world's angels collaborate with entrepreneurs. This international platform provides support for companies to highlight their individual achievements, while at the same time enabling our investors to use standardized tools to streamline the investment and diligence process. An angel is an angel is an angel and Gust will provide the language that we all can use within our community."

Jim Jaffe, President & CEO, National Association of Seed and Venture Funds
"Gust is uniquely positioned to succeed because it has already been universally adopted by investors. That's why we have made it the official, exclusive deal flow and collaboration platform of the National Association of Seed and Venture Funds."

Mark Heesen, President, National Venture Capital Association
"At a time when the venture capital asset class is contracting and the number of start-up ideas is ever-expanding, platforms like Gust, which streamline the connections between venture capitalists and entrepreneurs, are extremely helpful for firms looking to efficiently collect, analyze and share information. The venture industry is committed to funding the best and brightest ideas and this platform is an effective tool for managing a critical information flow for investors of all sizes."

Marianne Hudson, Executive Director, Angel Capital Association
"Our partnership with Gust as ACA's official software for administering angel groups has strengthened our members' ability to collaborate on investments."

Graham D. S. Anderson, President, New York Venture Capital Association
"Maintaining the scorching growth of the New York startup community requires new technology innovations in helping bring entrepreneurs closer to the needs of the investment community. Gust provides that capability and even plans to add specialized support for the venture capital community."

Scott Case, CEO, Startup America Partnership
"Startup America is focused on young companies that have their sights set on serious growth. As one of our partners, Gust provides these job-creators access to capital through angel and VC investment sources, combined with education and collaboration tools."

Heather Harde, CEO, TechCrunch
"By partnering with Gust, TechCrunch has both recognized an important disruptive technology platform for the startup financing community as well as a critical tool for smart entrepreneurs to collaborate with their investors to build a successful business."

Dan'l Lewin, Corporate VP, Strategic and Emerging Business Development, Microsoft
"Microsoft's BizSpark program supports startups by providing access to Microsoft software tools and connects them with key industry players, while also partnering to develop and grow local software economies worldwide with a community of companies and organizations. We are delighted to make available the new Gust platform to our BizSpark startups, allowing them access state-of-the-art tools, to quickly and effectively tap into an extensive ecosystem of potential investors and support resources around the globe."

Tim Berry, Founder & President, Palo Alto Software
"As the publisher of Business Plan Pro, the #1 best-selling business plan software in the world, we have helped millions of entrepreneurs start businesses for over 25 years. We strongly support Gust's vision of an integrated ecosystem platform for startup financing and are working together to make it even stronger."

Esther Dyson, EDventure, Angel Investor
"Gust is the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem in a (virtual) box. It is designed to help investors and startups connect, from initial meetings to funding and monitoring progress thereafter."

Sharon Vosmek, CEO, Astia
"Astia was an early supporter of Gust, which we use both to discover new companies to join our program, and to help connect our entrepreneurs to the right investors -- breaking down the barriers to entry for women-led start-ups, one deal at a time."

Jeff Clavier, Managing Partner, SoftTech VC
"Gust is the connective tissue between high-growth startups and early stage investors. We undertook extensive due diligence on many systems and chose to use it, because it will empower entrepreneurs while simultaneously supporting the venture capital workflow process."

Josh Kopelman, Managing Partner, First Round Capital
"Gust will lead to a significant increase of smart investments into high-growth, early-stage companies."

Peter H. Diamandis, Co-Founder & Chairman, Singularity University and CEO & Chairman, X PRIZE Foundation
"Creating the future means getting top entrepreneurs access to smart, risk-tolerant capital. Gust accomplishes this objective by incorporating the brain trust of the world's leading investors and entrepreneurs, while integrating advanced tools to help find and fund the next generation of innovators."

Scott Gerber, Founder of Young Entrepreneur Council
"The Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) will be making the full suite of Gust tools available to all of our member companies. YEC entrepreneurs are building high-growth companies, which often need outside financing to fund their growth. These tools will help our members both to present their firms to potential investors, and to provide existing investors with up to date information."

Ralph Eschenbach, Sand Hill Angels
"Silicon Valley moves faster every day. Being able to find and fund the best and the brightest entrepreneurs means that we must use tools as demanding as we are! Gust exceeds these expectations by understanding the way we do our business."

Andrew Rasiej, Chairman, NY Tech Meetup
"Gust will be like startup alchemy for a 19,000 member tech community. When you magically bring the world's entrepreneurs together with the smartest investors, everyone wins."

Adrie Reinders, CEO of eFactor
"Gust supports the four key business pillars of our organization -- find funding, gain knowledge, save costs, and gain revenue. Now our close to a million entrepreneur members in 185 countries can take advantage of the most powerful investor relations tools available."

Scott Kurnit, CEO, Adkeeper; Founder,
"Investors need insights into the complex roads great startups tend to follow. Gust provides the entrepreneur with a comprehensive opportunity to tell that story."

Stephanie Hanbury-Brown, CEO, Golden Seeds
"Gust is an integral part of our deal flow management at Golden Seeds, where our 200 nationwide members have used Gust deal rooms to invest over $24 million into more than 40 companies. We use the platform to collaborate among our members, communicate with our entrepreneurs, and syndicate with our fellow angel groups. Gust is a real enabler of this vital part of our process."

Andrew Weinreich, Serial Entrepreneur, Inventor of Social Networking
"I wish that Gust had been around when I founded Or Joltage. Or iStandFor. Or MeetMoi. I'm absolutely using it for Xtify, my latest startup venture!"

David B. Lerner, Director, Venture Lab @ Columbia Technology Ventures
"Gust looks like a great platform for university spinouts to be able to interact seamlessly with investors, and vice-versa. We're looking forward to trying it out!"

Richard Zenker, Managing Director, Overbrook Management
"As a large multi-family office supporting many high net worth individuals, Overbrook is delighted to see Gust turn early stage startup ventures into a legitimate asset class for American investors."

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