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January 05, 2017 07:00 ET

GYENNO's Health Tech Solutions Help Parkinson's Patients Maintain Independence and Improve Quality of Life

GYENNO offers smart stabilized spoon and gait management tools using principles of rehabilitation robotics

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Jan 5, 2017) - CES, Booth 43951, Tech West, Sands Expo, Level 2 - Health tech, big data and the Internet of Things come together in GYENNO Technologies. At CES, the company is showcasing unique solutions for the millions with Parkinson's Disease and similar conditions to help them maintain independence, eat without embarrassment, and improve their gait problems, while also providing a wealth of data to assist researchers better understand the progress of the disease.

To help the millions suffering from dyskinesia (type of movement disorders characterized by involuntary muscle movements), GYENNO Technologies is introducing two new and enhanced smart products: the GYENNO SPOON II which improves on the innovative solution introduced a year ago with a sleeker and even easier to manage design to counteract tremors so users can eat without food falling from a shaky spoon, offsetting 85% of unwanted tremors; and the GYENNO Gait Aid equipment which uses intelligent sensors to quickly determine the type of gait problem and deliver remedies to resolve the problem through auditory, visual or tactile cues. Gait problems among Parkinson's patients increase the likelihood of balance issues and falls, which can cause serious consequences.

"Millions of people around the world suffer from Parkinson's and other similar neurological conditions where there are no preventive measures and medication only helps symptoms," said Kang Ren, founder and CEO, GYENNO Technologies. "We have used sophisticated robotics and IoT technology to create products that counteract tremors for important but seemingly simple tasks like eating as well as address the very difficult to treat gait problems that arise for many Parkinson's patients."

Through its cloud-based data collection, the company has created its Medical Chronic Disease Management program to provide physicians and scientists with valuable information and statistics on the progression of symptoms and the disease in general. GYENNO collects data from users to assist scientists and physicians with research on disease progression, utilizing data-mining technology to explore data characteristics to help with early Parkinson's Disease screening.

New products help maintain quality of life:

  • GYENNO SPOON (and fork) is an intelligent stabilization utensil with a more compact internal structure and smaller gearbox unit design and smarter algorithm, making it is easier to use, hold and carry than the previous model. Tremor data is uploaded to the cloud so doctors can observe on the app how symptoms are being managed or are progressing. The GYENNO Spoon II also features improved battery life and enhanced durability.
  • GYENNO Gait Aid helps those 60% of patients with later Parkinson's who suffer from gait issues (patients cannot produce an effective gait and become unstable). The intervention equipment can remedy the sensory defects of patients through a range of methods, while recording symptoms in real time so physicians understand symptoms.

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