October 15, 2009 08:00 ET

H1N1 Destroyed Naturally. A Scientific Breakthrough (WWW.LeVOCC.COM)

BRIGHTON, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 14, 2009) - On 9 Oct 2009, LeVOCC Inc, announced to the world their technical ability similar to pasteurizing indoor air, actually destroys virus RNA, (scientific breakthrough). LeVOCC technology uses no filter or chemicals and produces no deadly amount of ozone, formaldehyde or hydroxyls. The indoor air flows through the unit where virus, bacteria and mould are destroyed within the unit. This technology is significant for daycare centers, hospitals, any public place and homes.

People who want healthy lives, believe in two components, proper food and exercise. Actually, there is a third component to health. The air we breathe, especially indoor air which contains thousands of chemical compounds, found in newer homes and public buildings. There are numerous links between our modern health problems and the chemicals found in indoor air. The LeVOCC process naturally removes numerous deadly gases and virus contaminants from the air. If you desire air quality then you must consider purchasing a LeVOCC system.

Additional test are currently being conducted that will validate even more benefits to the LeVOCC air system. For info go to Levocc.com or email Levocc@live.com

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