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September 12, 2011 09:00 ET

Habitat for Humanity, USC Alumni Association and A Good Idea Have Joined the 'Army'

Corduro's "Mobilize Your Army" Program Is Revolutionizing the Way Nonprofits Fundraise

SOUTHLAKE, TX--(Marketwire - Sep 12, 2011) - Corduro, a mobile solutions payment provider, is breaking new ground in nonprofit fundraising through its PayMobile application. Available soon for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices, PayMobile allows individual users and companies to make and take donations directly from their smart phones. Corduro has coined this program 'Mobilize Your Army.'

Nonprofits garner an estimated $200 billion in individual contributions and payments annually; this large market is now getting a completely new way of doing business via a face-to-face mobile experience. The PayMobile application is rapidly being adopted by a host of diverse nonprofits. Currently more than one hundred organizations ranging from noteworthy philanthropies such as Habitat for Humanity, to revered institutions like the USC Alumni Association, to grass-roots efforts such as A Good Idea, a San Francisco-based homeless advocacy group, are benefiting from the application. By using this tool, nonprofits are able to transform their supporters from passive advocates into mobile ambassadors by granting them the ability to donate and raise money anywhere their smart phone travels.

Not only does PayMobile help organizations fundraise, but Corduro's backend technology allows more of those funds to be channeled directly to the nonprofit and not absorbed by high debit routing fees. The current accepted model for charitable giving via mobile devices (i.e. giving via text) allows only 70% of every dollar to the go directly to the organization. The other 30% is absorbed by cellular companies and backend fees.

"PayMobile is a powerful tool," says Jared Paul, Founder and Executive Director of A Good Idea ( "When you're running a nonprofit, you need two things -- volunteers and money. The Corduro app lets our current volunteer base spread the word and also introduces our organization to other users, so we can continually expand our network and connect people in need with people who want to help."

"Now, organizations can incentivize their most active supporters," notes Robert Ziegler, CEO of Corduro. "For example, a charity can hold a contest to see who can recruit the most new members or raise the most money within a certain period. That's what 'Mobilize Your Army' is all about -- it's about connecting people with their passions and enabling them to be highly effective fundraisers."

The Corduro PayMobile app is safe and secure, and there is no cost to non-profits that want to set up an account for fundraising activities.

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