Smart Energie

Smart Energie

June 08, 2012 10:09 ET

Haboobs... Illuminate Desert!

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - June 8, 2012) - We've all watched wind turbines used to generate clean energy. But have you ever heard of Haboobs (sandstorms) being used?

Remember that old Chinese proverb… "When the direction of the wind changes, some (people) build walls, some (people) make windmills…" and that's what a Saudi Arabian start-up is exactly working on.

Unlike most other cleantech startups, Smart Energie, has grabbed onto a novel idea of using sandstorms to generate power & illuminate industrial zones in Saudi Arabia. Without spoiling the surprise element, but suffice to say, the wind turbines charge an amazing Smart-Grid system. If you can't figure out how the magic Smart-Grid works, you can visit to find out more about the solution & how it could perhaps help you or your organization.

Dr. Khaled AlBulaihed, CEO of Smart Energie said "We're leveraging nature's sandstorm to make this wind turbine power up LED luminary at SABIC; the world's largest petrochemical manufacturer . We thought that would be a smart way to make industrial entities learn how to put nature's worst conditions to a worthy cause. Kind of like a green entrepreneur using nature's power to help reduce the polluting petrochemicals."

And it does sound as if Dr. Khaled has hit on a winner. While the Smart-Grid includes conventional Photovoltaic as well as new Photothermal technologies, the wind generation has gone viral as it drove most of the power. Contrary to what's widely believed, the tiny yet innovative building integrated wind turbine, supplied by Smart Energie, is handsomely outperforming the hefty Solar PV & thermal modules installed at SABIC for several weeks now. Trying to figure out exactly how this amazing wind power is done, Yasser A. Bin Salamah, SABIC's Project Engineer, said "Yes we have witnessed the test".

So what is driving SABIC to explore Smart-Grid clean power? It's safe to say that SABIC is a Godsend for other industrialists to follow. Petrochemicals are contributing to world's growth, yet SABIC knows that side effects are making the world truly be a miserable place for many, many more people, animals and plants. Clean Energy is an exceptional payback.

If you've always been curious about Smart-Grid and wind magic, be sure to visit Sand storms may perplex you, or you may not bother. Either way you'll have an opportunity to contribute to the worthy cause that's facing deserted countries.

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