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December 05, 2011 09:00 ET

Hackers to Expand Cybercrime Activity on Social Networks, Mobile Devices and Enterprises in 2012

Leading Security Company Offers Predictions for Cybersecurity Threats in 2012

CAMPBELL, CA--(Marketwire - Dec 5, 2011) - The New Year will bring new opportunities for most consumers and businesses. Unfortunately, those new opportunities are often accompanied by new threats posed by cybercriminals bent on exploiting cybersecurity in new ways.

Hackers have made significant gains in 2011, both in the number and quantity of data breaches they have caused. Businesses large and small -- even those with extensive security safeguards -- have been successfully infiltrated by cybercriminals. As these security-minded companies work to plug existing website holes, they must be mindful of potential future risks as well.

At the end of every year Cenzic likes to predict a list of security issues that will haunt businesses and consumers. Here is the Top 5 Predictions for 2012.

Top Cybersecurity Issues and Themes for 2012

1. Social Networking Threats
Social networking security threats will continue to persist, but login information won't be the target for hackers. Instead, hackers will use social networks like Facebook to mine the data of company employees. Using this information, cybercriminals will devise more sophisticated phishing attacks in order to infiltrate corporate environments to steal private data.

2. Mobile Threats
Digital wallets will gain greater acceptance in 2012, making them a bigger target for hackers. Most mobile phones have built-in safeguards against data theft, but improvement is needed in the way mobile-payment information is transmitted from mobile phones to the Web. The expansion of mobile apps with potential security flaws will also lead to increased risk.

3. Cloud Threats
Cloud technology has transformed from a buzzword into reality. As the growth rate continues in 2012, hackers will focus on companies storing data in the cloud. Organizations that hand off customer data to cloud providers will find themselves most at risk.

4. Cybercrime Policy For Victims
Companies will face additional scrutiny from legislature designed to make disclosures around cybercrime a priority. New laws will be made to give businesses strict guidelines for disclosing when they have been hacked, the type of data stolen, and what their customers need to do to protect themselves.

5. Hacktivists Mature
More hacker groups like Anonymous will begin to ally themselves to political causes. As protesters march for and against causes in the real world, hackers will form "digital marches" that cause chaos for their opposing parties.

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