SOURCE: Halcyon Products, Inc.

June 26, 2008 15:39 ET

Halcyon Products' FireGround Compass® Receives Acceptance of Department of Homeland Security's TechSolutions Program

CHAGRIN FALLS, OH--(Marketwire - June 26, 2008) - Halcyon Products, Inc. announces that their newly developed product, the FireGround Compass®, has completed the TechSolutions rapid prototyping and operational testing process.

The TechSolutions Program recently announced the Halcyon FireGround Compass® as the first product designed by a first responder, to have surpassed the entire TechSolutions development path and operational testing regulations. The FireGround Compass®, designed by Halcyon Products, is an innovative, simple-to-use location device that assists first responders to determine their position relative to an exit from a building or an Incident Command Post. It also allows first responders to establish their bearings in smoky or dark conditions, thereby leading them to safety.

TechSolutions is a program within the Department of Homeland Securities Science and Technology Directorate that assists with rapid prototyping of technologies for first responders that need science and technology development in order to get them ready for commercialization. TechSolutions provided funding to allow Halcyon Products to implement design changes based on first responder feedback, to begin beta testing, accelerate the product to commercialization and to guarantee a superior product design. Greg Price, Director of the DHS TechSolutions program, said, "The Fireground Compass® is the first product designed by a first responder to go through the entire TechSolutions development path. The FireGround Compass® is an innovative tool that has potential to save valuable lives."

The Fireground Compass® combines a compass with rotating bezels. It has a "building bezel" with four points labeled A-B-C-D, corresponding to firefighters' current labeling system for each side of a building. First, the compass is oriented to north. Then, the bezel rotates to reference the A-B-C-D sides of the building. Together, the compass and rotating bezel combine to give users a common reference point. A separate "command bezel" then indicates with an arrow, either where the Incident Command Post is or where the user entered the building. The compass is lit with an LED, making it easy to read in the dark, and it is very large, allowing firefighters to easily maneuver the bezels without taking off their gloves.

Steve Nash, Battalion Chief of Solon (OH) Fire Department and co-founder of Halcyon Products, designed the Fireground Compass® to prevent firefighters from becoming disoriented. Nash and Halcyon developed a prototype and approached TechSolutions for assistance after reading about the new DHS program in Fire Chief Magazine and learning more from the TechSolutions Website (

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