Haliburton Tourism

Haliburton Tourism

August 28, 2015 17:39 ET

Haliburton Tourism Reports Rise in Seasonal Business

Haliburton, Ontario Accommodations Directory Haliburton Tourism Reports an Increase in Seasonal Resort Business in the Popular Ontario Cottage Country Tourist Destination

ORILLIA, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Aug. 28, 2015) - Haliburton Tourism reports that 2015 has seen a rise in seasonal business. The Haliburton Tourism hospitality directory is owned by web marketing company First Page SEO. First Page SEO is very involved in the Ontario resort marketing business. They have over one hundred resort clients and nineteen different hospitality directories that they support included several that they own like Haliburton Tourism www.haliburton-tourism.com, Kawartha Vacations www.kawartha-vacations.com and Boating Georgian Bay www.boatinggeorgianbay.com.

"We noticed several things this past spring and right up to the summer close at the end of August. The stats for search volume for long tail and short tail Ontario resort and vacation keyword themes are up substantially over the previous five years. While many resort bookings come last minute, occupancy rates are up for most resort properties. Consumers are certainly looking for value. Those hospitality properties that have invested in the upkeep of their infrastructure, and, at the same time, have cross-marketed with both conventional web marketing vehicles like AdWords, and fill-in travel discounters like WagJag, have done very well through the spring and summer season. The Fall is looking good too, as long as the recent stock market corrections don't entrench themselves and scare consumers away from disposable income vacations," says Mark Coles of First Page SEO.

The Haliburton Highlands is a rugged tourist region about two hours from Toronto and just east of their neighbour Muskoka, an iconic cottage country brand. "Haliburton is less developed than Muskoka, but it holds its own. Haliburton attracts vacationers who are looking for a getaway that is a bit more rustic and traditional. In Haliburton, there are basically two types of properties; those that have reinvested in their properties, services, and marketing, and those that got clobbered by the last recession and kind of crawled under a rock, didn't maintain their properties, and stopped marketing. The former active resort properties have, by and large, done well and made a complete recovery from recession levels, while the later have been sold off for other uses, or wait for new owners who will reinvest and reinvent to bring them back to life. The aggressive properties that market and maintain their businesses are building market share, and part of that comes at the expense of those properties that just don't market anymore due to cash flow issues, creating a downward spiral," explains Coles.

"Overall, the hospitality business and general interest in Haliburton as a travel destination has much improved, compared to what was happening a few years ago," says Stephen Roome, President of First Page SEO. "Search traffic for Haliburton resorts and vacation themes are up 20% over this time last year, and our Haliburton Tourism directory has traffic up 32% year to date. Over the past few years, Haliburton has been getting more media exposure. The popular Cottage Life Television show What's For Sale?, featuring local Haliburton Realtor Rob Serediuk, has done a lot to bring Haliburton to the public's attention. And, just this summer, Haliburton received plenty of very favorable publicity when the 2015 Pan Am Games held the Canoe Kayak Slalom event at the Minden Wild Water Preserve," adds Roome.

About Haliburton Tourism: Haliburton Tourism is a directory dedicated to marketing Haliburton area hospitality accommodations. It showcases different accommodation types, area attractions, local news, and everything about the Haliburton tourism industry. Haliburton Tourism caters not only to people outside of the county looking to come in but also offers services for people of the county. All major events are posted on the site, keeping tourists in the know about the area. Haliburton Tourism also offers people the chance to see more of the community, and learn about all of the trails and wildlife that can be found within the county. For visitors looking for places to stay in Haliburton, whether coming to visit on holidays or just needing a place to stay on a pass through, Haliburton Tourism has a fully indexed complete listing of all major resorts, inns, lodges and B&B in the area. To advertise on Haliburton Tourism online directory, call 705 259-3656 or visit www.haliburton-tourism.com.

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