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March 13, 2015 16:54 ET

Haliburton Waterfront Homes Offer Unprecedented Value According to Chestnut Park Haliburton Realtor

According to Rob Serediuk, a realtor with Chestnut Park Real Estate Limited's Haliburton / Kawartha Lakes office ( and host of the Cottage Life Television show What's for Sale, waterfront homes in Haliburton offer unprecedented value compared to other top Ontario cottage country destinations.

HALIBURTON, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - March 13, 2015) - Canada experienced a baby boom in the 20 years after World War II ended. This baby boom generation has had a major impact on society and the economy, and now is poised to transform the size and nature of the workforce. In 2011, the eldest boomers turned 65. While the recession and a very slow post-recession recovery has stinted the dynamics of retirement as what might have been expected in the last 5-10 years, the inevitable will happen very soon as the economy finally feels the warmth of post-recovery prosperity. Stock portfolios have recovered, and real estate in Canada's populated city centres has done exceptionally well. As economic conditions continue to improve, more people are now getting ready to retire.

In a recent analysis of employment, Canadian bank economists noted that the steady decline in the employment participation rate continues even as the unemployment rate drops. Statistics Canada predicted that the participation rate would drop to the 58% range by 2013. The bank analysis is good news in that it suggests the existing employment rate of under 7% is reflecting health in the labour market given all the retirees exiting from the workforce. This also means a great shift in existing boomer real estate in urban centres to either downsize to more manageable condos in city centres or to move outside the city to areas that offer full services, but in a smaller community setting. Waterfront retirement is almost everyone's dream... so cottage country may be coming under some new consideration very soon.

"There are many people nearing retirement age who have equity in their city homes and are currently, or will be soon, looking to sell and buy a lakefront home in a nice community," says Rob Serdiuk, a licensed real estate sales representative with Chestnut Park Real Estate Limited Haliburton / Kawartha Lakes office ( and host of the popular Cottage Life Television show What's for Sale. "We all know that the housing market in Toronto and Vancouver exploded to the upside breaking all records and, so far, it is still running against some predictions of a bubble market. The secret is ... that in some specific areas, like Haliburton, prices have not gone up for many years, and they now offer unprecedented value. While Canadians like their winter vacations somewhere warm, they don't want to, or can't be down south year round, so Canada will always remain the base residence for most Canadians."

Ontario retirees tend to migrate within a few hours of where they lived in urban centres because of familiarity and family ties. Living a resort-like lifestyle on the water in cottage country could be a reality about to happen for many. Muskoka is the strongest branded cottage country retirement destination, but it can be expensive on the better-known lakes. Frankly, sometimes the value isn't there, even for retirees with pockets full of cash from selling their Toronto home. Many want to invest the substantial gain from their urban home sale to help finance their retirement.

A funny thing happened to the Haliburton Highlands, a popular cottage and retirement area that adjoins Muskoka to the east. During the recession and post-recession recovery, fewer folks planning their retirement had the disposable income to invest in a waterfront home in Haliburton. As times improved, waterfront home sales and prices began to rise in Muskoka, but to a large extent, Haliburton seemed to be forgotten. Prices on beautiful quality waterfront homes in Haliburton have been frozen for many years. In some cases, prices for homes worth over a million dollars have dropped up to 30% in the last number of years. This is puzzling for a tourist area less than two hours from Toronto with excellent transportation routes from the city to lake country.

"Value in the Haliburton Highlands is unbelievable right now," says Serediuk. "You can buy high-end custom-built luxury waterfront homes right in Haliburton for less money than you would find a comparable waterfront property elsewhere in Ontario, the USA and even popular winter retirement destinations in Mexico. It's like someone shut the lights out in Haliburton. No one seems to realize what you can get for your money here in this beautiful area of pines and pristine lakes. There are two great hospitals and half a dozen nice towns that provide services for cottagers and residents. It's a strong community; well positioned for retirees, but the Haliburton Highlands just doesn't come to mind for people looking for waterfront retirement. It's a buyer's market here like we haven't seen in the area since the mid 80's recession," says Serediuk.

"You really have to come up to Haliburton and compare its value to Muskoka and other waterfront retirement areas in North America to see what we mean. If you could take a million dollar Haliburton waterfront home, picked it up with a helicopter, and plunk it down anywhere in say Muskoka, Georgian Bay, US east coast or for that matter Cabo or Puerto Vallarta in Mexico, it would instantly be worth double or more. You can't build a waterfront estate home in Haliburton anymore for what you can buy an existing luxury property right now. It's just one of those abnormalities that are hard to explain. It is every bit as nice in Haliburton as it is in Muskoka, but due to poor brand awareness Haliburton is not on many people's radar, at least for now. Until it is, Haliburton represents a real opportunity for those seeking affordable retirement on the water," adds Serdiuk.

About: The top selling realtor of luxury waterfront properties in Haliburton, Chestnut Park Real Estate Limited Brokerage's Haliburton / Kawartha Lakes office has the expertise and experience to deliver results. Going that extra mile to ensure their customers' complete satisfaction, the Chestnut Park Haliburton real estate team has a proven track record of successfully marketing and selling Haliburton waterfront homes, executive cottages and luxury lakefront properties in the Haliburton Highlands, and helping buyers find the perfect Haliburton vacation home. For more information, visit their website or drop by their office on Kennisis Lake Road. Please call 705 754-0880 or email to arrange an appointment.

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