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Halloween: A Good Time to Communicate With the Dead

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Halloween is just around the corner, and there's more in your future this holiday than you may have expected. Choose this Halloween to speak with your loved ones who have passed on to the other world. You can properly say farewell to a family member or friend whom you never got a chance to. You can check on how a loved one is doing on the other side. This holiday is the perfect time for communicating with spirits.

Why Halloween?

You may know about All Saints' Day on the first of November. A Christian holiday dating back to the seventh century, All Saints' Day honors the saints in Christian ideology. It's a holiday still important in Catholicism especially. Halloween is short for "Allhallows' Eve," a night of celebrating dark spirits the evening before All Saints' Day. It is thought that spirits who are unable to achieve heaven's blessing roam freely on that day.

However, that's just one interpretation of the holiday. The ancient origins of Halloween came from the Celtic holiday Samhain, a day when spirits returned to the land of the living. It was the day before the ancient Celtic New Year. The spirits aren't witches and ghouls but the ancestors and loved ones of the living. The following day is about renewals and beginnings in Celtic tradition, making Halloween the ideal time for getting in touch with the past.

How to Communicate

Everyone has his or her personal way of reaching out to the other world, whether it's through prayer or ritual. Perhaps your loved ones can hear your prayers and are comforted by them. Few people, though, are so attuned with the realm of the dead enough to hear them speak back and to know their voices have been heard. If you intend to ask a passed-on loved one a question or you need his guidance, you'll need an expert to serve as liaison between you and the spirit.

Choosing a Psychic

Having a choice when it comes to a psychic is as important as having a choice for any other service. Search for the right expert at Oranum, where there are a myriad of vetted experts waiting to hear from you.

Each psychic has a different style. If you're a devotee of tarot, for example, choose a tarot expert. New accounts are free and include a free trial video chat with the psychic of your choice. If you feel a connection between you and the psychic, ask what she can do for you this Halloween. If you're not feeling the cosmic connection, you can move on to another expert.

The psychic experts at Oranum conduct their sessions via video chat. With thousands of psychic readings under their belt, Oranum psychics know people who are mourning need to feel present in the moment, not simply read an email or text-based chat like found on other sites. Try a free video chat today, and get in touch with the other world this Halloween.

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