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August 11, 2009 07:00 ET

Halo Group, Inc. Addresses Rise in Suicide Rate Among Military Personnel

Veterans Direct Signs Contract With Halo Group Consulting, Inc.

ALLEN, TX--(Marketwire - August 11, 2009) - Halo Group Consulting, Inc. reached an agreement July 30th with Veterans Direct to provide a bundled program comprised of financial services to veterans and their families at a discount. Halo's WeCare program includes debt relief, foreclosure avoidance, credit repair, bankruptcy counseling, and financial education.

The program was constructed by Halo Group Consulting, Inc. as a reaction to the recent reports indicating the rise in suicide rates among military personnel exceeds that of civilians. Army Gen. Peter W. Chiarelli was sited recently on the subject in saying, "we must find a way to relieve some stress". The General goes on to comment that the increase in the number of suicides can be attributed to a "stressed and tired force". The stress that is involved with multiple deployments is often worsened by financial problems they face upon their return. In search of a way that they could contribute, Halo reached out to Veterans Direct.

Veterans Direct was co-founded by retired Sgt Maj Gene Overstreet, USMC in 2007 to provide veterans, as well as active duty military and their families, services they deserve. Veterans Direct is continuously looking for ways to add value to their line of quality products and services to enrich the lives of their members.

Halo WeCare will be provided to active duty, reserves & guard, veterans, retired veterans and of course their families through Veterans Direct. The program offers online access, discounted services, and a free live consultation with a specialist to determine the best financial solutions for each individual. Solutions include loan modification and debt settlement to help soldiers and their families stay in their homes and get back on their feet financially.

"We applaud the efforts of Veterans Direct," states Lee Shaw, advisory board member of Halo Group, Inc. Lee worked to broker the deal between Halo and Veterans Direct. "We recognized what they were doing for the good people who serve and have served our country and saw a way we could help." The weak economy has taken its toll on our troops. Halo is honored to have the opportunity to be a part of the solution.

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