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April 14, 2016 10:56 ET

Halydean Creates Solution to Dairy Farm Succession Planning Crisis

HAYWARD, WI--(Marketwired - Apr 14, 2016) - Halydean Corporation, a privately held dairy and beef farm investment group, is working with industry leading, family-owned dairy farms to create prosperity through economy of scale and powerful technology.

Today, the average age of dairy farm owners is 60 years. Working long hours and seven days per week, family-owned dairy farms are finding the need to leave the dairy business, either because they have no one to take over operations or they have no exit strategy. Most are repurposed or "go dark."

With few buyers for a large dairy farm, Halydean is the vehicle that some of the top five percent of family-owned dairy farms are using to provide succession planning for their families and businesses.

Additionally, as many family-owned dairy farms have dated operations, Halydean can provide farm facility technological improvements through low-cost updates to milking parlors, as well as opportunities to increase production by adding more land and cattle. Typically, surrounding towns and communities appreciate the expansion of existing farms.

Cost-to-scale benefits of consolidation of the dairy industry include geographic concentration, equipment sharing and buying power. Supplies required to run farm operations can be acquired in large volumes allowing for lower price per unit, reducing expenses and increasing profits.

Halydean Corporation Chairman and CEO Ron Braatz said, "We are preserving family legacies by giving family farms the opportunity to change with the times while giving their future generations security. With Halydean, farm owners get peace of mind through diversification, increased value, and the stability of being a part of a bigger group of owners, while maintaining all of their business relationships and opening doors for family members to be a part of the farm for future generations."

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Halydean Corporation is an agricultural land holding company that specializes in dairy and beef production. The company's focus is to consolidate the dairy industry through vertical and horizontal integration, acquiring farms with a mixture of stock and cash, with an emphasis on expanding dairy and beef production for capital appreciation for shareholders and reinvestment in company growth. The company has more than 100 years of industry leadership experience. Through holding simple, safe assets like grazing land and cattle, the company could profit as the fragmented dairy industry consolidates for cost-to-scale improvements in efficiency and focus on solid business fundamentals. More information can be found at

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