Ontario's NDP

Ontario's NDP

September 14, 2007 13:12 ET

Hampton Re-Issues Northern Debate Challenge

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Sept. 14, 2007) -

While Dalton McGuinty argues he's not "pessimistic" about job loss in the North Howard Hampton says it's time to debate the issues that matter to Northerners.

"If Dalton McGuinty's so proud of his record in the North why is he afraid to hold a northern debate?" said Hampton. "It's time to stop the pre-packaged photo-ops and have a real debate about the issues that matter to northern families."

The facts on McGuinty's jobs record in the North:

- Dalton McGuinty cancelled the longstanding "Ontario First" policy that ensured municipal transit cars were built in Ontario - at the Bombardier plant in Thunder Bay. McGuinty allowed municipalities to send those jobs overseas, something Ottawa very nearly did. In a debate on the policy McGuinty MPP's voted against restoring the policy. McGuinty MPP Khalil Ramal commented: "it saved taxpayers some money in order to make that deal with Siemens instead of Bombardier."

SOURCE: http://hansardindex.ontla.on.ca/hansardespeaker/38-2/l082a-83.html

- On McGuinty's watch 11,000 forestry jobs and 30,000 spin-off jobs have been lost, most in the North - including 80 jobs this week in Hearst.

- Between 2003 and 2005 alone employment shrank by nearly 8 per cent in the Northwest. By way of comparison, an 8 per cent reduction in employment over the same period would have resulted in the loss of about 224,000 jobs in the GTA.

- High hydro rates are a major cause of the North's jobs crisis. A 2006 survey by Quebec Hydro showed that major power users in Ontario paid nearly twice as much as companies in Montreal and more than twice as much as companies in Winnipeg. As the Timmins Chamber of Commerce notes: "a large consumer, such as Timmins-based Xstrata Copper, could save $40 million annually by moving their refining operations to Quebec. This would have a catastrophic effect on the Northeastern Ontario economy."

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