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Ontario's NDP

September 24, 2007 09:00 ET

Hampton: Students Need a Break From Soaring Costs

WATERLOO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Sept. 24, 2007) - Ontario NDP Leader Howard Hampton says his key commitments would make life more affordable for Ontario post-secondary students and their families need a break from soaring costs. During a visit to the University of Waterloo with NDP candidate Catherine Fife, Hampton promised relief in the form of a rollback to pre-McGuinty levels and then a freeze of post-secondary tuition fees.

"When Dalton McGuinty went to McMaster University in 1975, he had to work only 6.4 weeks at minimum wage to pay for his tuition, while today a McMaster student would have to work 16.2 weeks. Clearly affordability has become a much more serious problem for students and working families," said Hampton.

College and university are out of reach of many working families. The McGuinty government hiked tuition fees by up to 36 per cent for some programs. Graduating Ontario students have been saddled with the highest average post-secondary debt in Canada - a staggering $22,700.

"Four years ago Dalton McGuinty said tuition fees were too high. I wonder if he thinks raising them by 36% is fair?" Hampton said.

The NDP's commitment to remove barriers to post-secondary students would also eliminate classroom fees for apprentices at worker training centres or colleges. McGuinty had promised to eliminate the fees, which can reach $400 a session, but failed to follow through on his promise.

Dalton McGuinty's refusal to raise the minimum wage to a fair $10/hr makes it even harder for today's students to raise the money they need to get an education.

"Fairness means no one is denied the chance to go to college, university or take an apprenticeship because they can't afford it," said Hampton.

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