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Ontario's NDP

September 21, 2007 15:57 ET

Hampton: Working Families Need Job Protection Commissioner

BRANTFORD, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Sept. 21, 2007) - Ontario NDP Leader Howard Hampton says Ontario workers deserve to be protected from plant closures and downsizing. Visiting the site of the closed down GenFast fastener plant in Brantford, Hampton announced his proposal for a Job Protection Commissioner to help at-risk companies stay on their feet and save jobs.

"Dalton McGuinty's hands-off approach to jobs is proving costly to Ontario workers. In the last three years, 175,000 manufacturing jobs have been lost, including 52,000 in the last year," said Hampton.

The McGuinty government allowed Hampton's Job Protection Act to die in the legislature earlier this year, despite the bill winning support from members of all three parties during second reading debate.

"Our Job Protection Commissioner proposal is based on a proven model from British Columbia that saved 75,000 jobs in that province over eleven years," Hampton said.

The GenFast Manufacturing Company closed down in April taking 210 jobs with it after its American owner ran the plant into the ground to shift production to the U.S. One of those laid-off was Brian Van Tilborg, the NDP candidate for Brant.

"Dalton McGuinty has let workers down by standing aside and showing no leadership while companies downsize and close, costing thousands of workers their jobs and threatening the prosperity of Ontario communities," Hampton said. "Mr. McGuinty is always happy to show up when a plant opens, but where is he to support workers and their families when a plant closes?"

Under the NDP proposal, the Job Protection Commissioner would step in when companies face difficulties, and bring all parties together to bring government resources to bear on the situation and negotiate new deals with banks, creditors and employees, to keep people working and plants producing.

"Communities all over Ontario like Brantford have skilled workers and a public health system that give us a competitive advantage. All that is lacking is leadership. Working families know they can count on the NDP to fight to keep good jobs in their community." said Hampton.

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