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March 22, 2011 06:00 ET

Hancock Seed Provides Caretakers With Tips for the Planting Season

Planting With a Purpose: Lawn Grass Seed

DADE CITY, FL--(Marketwire - March 22, 2011) -  With warmer weather around the corner, Hancock Seed Company, a worldwide supplier of lawn, pasture and turf grass seed, is offering their customers a complete guide to successfully establishing life-long lawn grass seed.

"The lawn is an integral part of any landscape and provides many important benefits in an urbanized environment," Chris Hancock, Vice President of Hancock Seed Company said. "A lawn can increase the land's aesthetic and economic value, while also creating a recreational surface, control for erosion, filters for pollutants and an oxygen supply."

Below are some guidelines that may assist in the lawn grass seed process:

Choose the right type of lawn: Lawns require different levels of maintenance. Maintenance levels are closely related to time and cost. Assessing the caretaker's ability to maintain a lawn before choosing a grass is important.

Know the Site's Limitations: Choose a location with the right space, soil and light conditions for your turf. It's important to consider insects, drought conditions, turf density and other environmental factors that might affect the success of the lawn grass.

Pick an Establishment Method: The caretaker's experience should determine whether the lawn grass is seeded, sprigged or plugged. Seeding is the easiest and most economical way to establish a lawn and is recommended for the inexperienced planter.

"The cost of installation and establishment should not be the primary reason for a lawn choice," Hancock said. "A lawn is a long-term investment, and the grass chosen for the lawn should be the one the caretaker is committed to maintaining."

For information on high quality lawn grass seed, proper planting instructions and feasible maintenance instructions for an environmentally friendly lawn, visit Hancock Seed Company at

About Hancock Seed Company: Hancock Seed Company is a world-class provider of high quality, customized seed products. Founded on a family farm in 1978 in Dade City, FL, Hancock Seed has grown, harvested, processed and packaged their primary products in their own facilities. Hancock Seed's service and support team is committed to prompt and personalized efforts to meet every customer's unique circumstance.

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