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September 24, 2015 11:00 ET

Hang w/ and TRACE Partner to Create Seamless, End-To-End, User Generated Live Content Platform

Live Mobile Video Platform to Integrate Directly With "Auto-follow" Drones & TRACE's Other Visually Intelligent Tracking Devices to Usher in New Era of Live Connectivity


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Hang w/, the live-streaming social media innovator and subsidiary of MEDL Mobile Holdings ("MEDL") (OTCQB:MEDL), announces that Hang w/ will collaborate with TRACE Live Network to embed Hang w/ live-streaming into its revolutionary "auto-follow" drones. Consumers who purchase TRACE devices will be able to broadcast live directly to the Hang w/ platform - right out of the box.

The Hang w/ app connects people through interactive live-streaming video, allowing anyone with an iPhone, iPad, Android device or desktop computer to broadcast live to a potential audience of millions of viewers around the globe. In early 2016, that list will include a number of TRACE drones and devices powered by the visually intelligent SmartCamera, the TRACEr which clicks in and out of each different device.

The TRACE FLYr (auto-follow drone), designed for aerial video capture, will autonomously track and record its user in action - based on their unique visual signature.

TRACE's FOLLOWr (360 degree rotating tripod gimbal) will allow a Hang w/ user to set up the device in a central location and have all of their individual action followed, recorded and live-streamed.

Other TRACE auto-follow devices in development include a rugged ATV style car for ground-based capture as well as a submersible for underwater video creation.

"The uses for this technological mashup are astounding," said Andrew Maltin, Hang w/ CEO. "From surfers to hikers to soccer players to parents who want to keep an eye on their kids in the backyard - we are ushering in a new age of live-streaming connectivity and I know our users are going to love it."

"TRACE is positioning to take live-streamed content creation to an entirely new level through allowing users to be fully in the moment as their action is captured and live-streamed completely autonomously," said Cameron Chell, Co-founder of TRACE. "We chose Hang w/ as one of our partners because of their powerful live broadcasting tools and extensive network of users who will now be able to Hang with each other in a whole new way. "

The companies plan to integrate Hang w/ connectivity into the TRACE technology; to feature TRACE captured footage prominently on the Hang w/ platform; and to collaborate for the purposes of product innovation; marketing; and business development.

You can learn more and utilize the full set of live broadcasting features at

About MEDL Mobile

MEDL Mobile, Inc. is a mobile industry pioneer that has architected, created, developed, marketed and monetized hundreds of mobile apps for the Apple iOS and Google Android platform and driven more than 25 million downloads, many of them reaching the top ten in the Apple store. MEDL has led mobile strategy, ideation, development, marketing and monetization in areas diverse as entertainment, telecom, medicine, education and retail - for such prestigious clients as, Experian, Hyundai, Kaiser Permanente, Medtronic,, The New York Times Company, Taco Bell, and Telefonica. The Company has entered into partnerships to mobilize and monetize IP with such notable names as Cheech & Chong, Encyclopedia Britannica, Marlee Matlin, Media Rights Capital and Real Madrid.

MEDL has incubated, developed and brought to market the revolutionary Hang w/ app over a period of nearly two years. The Hang w/ app connects people through live-streaming video and simultaneous chat, allowing anyone with an iPhone, iPad or Android device to broadcast live to dozens, hundreds or even millions of viewers around the globe. Learn more at

About Hang w/

The Hang w/ app connects people through live-streaming video and simultaneous chat, allowing anyone with an iPhone, iPad or Android device to broadcast live to dozens, hundreds or even millions of viewers around the globe.

The Hang w/ system is built atop a sophisticated ad-serving platform the enables targeted pre- and post-roll advertising to surround the broadcast - and allows users to share in the revenue created by their own live streams.

Hang w/ was incubated by MEDL Mobile, Inc., a mobile industry pioneer that has architected, created, developed, marketed and monetized hundreds of mobile apps and driven more than 22 million downloads. MEDL Mobile is the majority shareholder of Hang With, Inc.

The Hang w/ platform has attracted hundreds of actors, athletes, musicians and brands including 50 Cent, Jared Leto, Timbaland, Common, Alan Tudyk, Nathan Fillion, The UFC, Larry The Cable Guy, Ali Landry, Claudia Jordan, Jamie Kennedy, Kaskade, Lucy Hale, Mike Metzger, Jake Ellenberger, Soulja Boy, Tony Orlando, Terrell Owens and many more.

You can learn more at

Download Hang w/ for iOS here or Android here.

About TRACE Live Network is a live-action content platform aggregating and distributing streamed footage from globally activated TRACEr devices. The TRACEr is a visually intelligent SmartCamera that autonomously operates a selection of auto-follow devices and live-streams captured user footage directly to the Internet. TRACEr enabled devices allow people to be 'in' their greatest moments and have those moments captured and shared.

Wholly owned TRACE Live Network subsidiary, Draganfly Innovations, is a recognized technology and industry leader within the commercial UAV industry. Its devices have helped establish the commercial market and adoption of multi-rotor helicopters for aerial imaging and public safety. Combining this with TRACE visual intelligence is paving the way for the next generation of commercial and consumer applications.

For further information and images, please go to the TRACE Media Kit.

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