Hannaford Street Silver Band

Hannaford Street Silver Band

January 28, 2015 15:46 ET

Hannaford Street Silver Band Presents: Drumming the Heartbeat With First Nations Artists and the Hannaford Youth Band

Sunday February, 15th at 3pm Jane Mallet Theatre

St. Lawrence Centre For the Arts 27 Front Street East, Toronto

$50 Regular, $40 Seniors, $35 Under 35, $15 Students

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Jan. 28, 2015) -

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Alain Trudel, Guest Conductor

Barbara Croall, Odawa First Nation Guest Performer, Composer & Curator Rod Nettagog, Ojibwe First Nation Featured Traditional Singer and Dancer Bradley Lloyd Henry, Onondaga First Nation Featured Dancer

Bear Fox, Mohawk First Nation Traditional Singer and Song Composer

This collaborative event is conceived to honour the ties between First Nations and Canadian brass band traditions, both of which are deeply connected to the pulse of the drum which symbolizes the 'heartbeat' of Mother Earth and the celebration of life that is nurtured and expressed through love by all of humanity.

There is a deep and longstanding relationship between First Nations and brass bands and recent research is shedding light on just how complex that relationship is. It begins sadly, with the missionaries and the abhorrent idea of breaking down and replacing First Nations traditions but came to be, at least for a time, much more than that.

Many regionally based First Nations groups have transformed the brass band tradition into something uniquely indigenous (the Haudenosaunee or Iroquois community in Ontario and New York State, among others). In British Columbia alone there were an estimated 35 First Nations brass bands that existed from 1864 until around the First World War. This number demonstrates the enthusiasm and intensity with which the First Nations peoples adopted the music of the brass band. While they had an existing deeply musical and artistic culture, the First Nations peoples assimilated this western music-making simply as an extension of their own culture and the bands became part of local celebrations, potlatches and seasonal events.

Drumming the Heartbeat features First Nations performers; vocalists, traditional drummers and dancers together with the Hannaford Street Silver Band. Highlighted are works by Canada's award winning composer Kelly-Marie Murphy and acclaimed Odawa First Nations composer Barbara Croall, along with other brass band repertoire and the Hannaford Youth Band.

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