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February 04, 2015 16:45 ET

The happy egg co. Launches Hendependence Campaign to Boost Consumer Awareness About Hen Welfare

The happy egg co. Is a Proud Pioneer of Hendependence, Giving Hens the Freedom to Enjoy Happier Lives

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Feb 4, 2015) - In an effort to increase awareness about its mission to make humanely produced eggs available to all consumers, the happy egg co. kicked off a multi-market Hendependence marketing campaign. California's recently enacted Proposition 2 (Prop 2), which ensures that egg-laying hens have enough room to turn around freely, lie down, stand up and fully extend their wings, has brought the welfare of farm animals to national attention. The happy egg co. applauds the elimination of intensive confinement systems for hens, like battery cages, but firmly believes more can be done for hen welfare.

"With the launch of the Hendependence campaign, we're making multi-market impact and using creativity and humor to connect with consumers about a very serious issue, hen welfare," said Jenni Danby, Marketing Director at the happy egg co. "In a recent survey, more than 94 percent of Americans said they were very concerned about farm animal welfare. As pioneers of Hendependence, we want consumers to know that the happy egg co. has the best free range standard on the market, and is constantly working on improving living conditions for egg-laying hens."

The happy egg co. partnered with comedian and celebrity host, Ross Mathews, to create a short-form video titled An Eggy Investigation in which Mathews took to the streets of Los Angeles to find out what every day people know about humanely produced eggs. An Eggy Investigation premiered at the Hendependence launch event in Los Angeles, which was hosted by Mathews and attended by media and influencers. The happy egg co. will continue to raise awareness about Hendependence with regional events in key markets including Texas, Colorado and New York. The happy egg co. will also amplify distribution of the branded content with a robust digital media campaign. In early March, the happy egg co. will bring its farm experience to The Natural Products Expo West by building a life-size playkit installation.

Increasingly, consumers are demanding more humanely produced food but are still misled by misuse of category terminology such as cage-free, organic and free range. In fact, over 170 million Americans don't know what the term "cage-free" really means. With its Hendependence campaign, the happy egg co. is determined to empower consumers to make informed purchase decisions when confronted with misleading egg carton labels.

"I love animals, I love food, but I find it very confusing when you're shopping for them," Ross Mathews explained. "You know there's so many different things from cage-free to organic to free range…I just didn't understand it. And then when I started working with the happy egg co., I looked into Proposition 2 and realized it was really good that they passed that, and now they enacted it California. Hens get to have at least a little room to move around, but happy egg co. goes so much further than that.1"

Further reinforcing category leadership in hen welfare, American Humane Association, the country's first national humane organization, announced that the happy egg co. is the first commercial egg producer in the U.S. to be named American Humane Certified™. To qualify as an American Humane Certified™ egg producer, the happy egg co. had to meet the program's rigorous standards, which include providing each hen with access to 21.8 square feet of outdoor space during the daytime, and access to sheltered areas at nighttime and during inclement weather, as well as nearly 200 additional science-based standards.

About the happy egg co. 
The happy egg co. is proud to be a pioneer in Hendependence, allowing its hens can enjoy the freedom of outdoors every day. The happy egg co. hens spend their days under the sun, frolicking through acres of open space, socializing and just doing what hens do naturally. Hens at the happy egg co. enjoy the freedom to roam across more than five acres of open pasture, and nutritional feed and care from expert family farmers under the direction of Andrew Joret, the International Egg Commission's 2013 "International Egg Person of the Year." The happy egg co. was the winner the Best New Egg in the 2014 Better Homes and Gardens Best New Product Awards.

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1 Ross Mathews just proved he can make a difference by being unapologetically himself (SheKnows)

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