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Harmonic Energy Inc.

June 05, 2012 09:31 ET

Harmonic Energy Initiates Technology Review for Carbon Credits

LONDON--(Marketwire - Jun 5, 2012) - Harmonic Energy Inc. (OTCQB: ASUV) (OTCBB: ASUV) is a company focused on tire manufacturing and recycling, using an innovative approach to energy efficiency and sustainability. Harmonic is honored to announce that it has initiated a technology equipment review for carbon credits earned through the use of its environmentally friendly recycling process.

Harmonic Energy will be working with a leading engineering firm that specializes in the development of carbon offset projects around the globe. They specialize in the adaptation and implementation of new lower emissions technology which reduce carbon pollution and energy losses. They have worked with the technical committee within the European Committee for Standardization (CEN). They are also very familiar with the Emissions Trading Scheme (EU-ETS) which may become the most significant environmental legislation.

Harmonic Energy's Tyrolysis™ technology, along with the remanufacturing process, will be included in this comprehensive study and review. Harmonic anticipates measurable carbon emissions reductions which could be converted into salable Carbon Credits. Harmonic's unaudited opinion is that for each one tonne of tires that are processed through the Tyrolysis™ system instead of being burned would offset approximately two and a half tonnes of greenhouse gases. This is a substantial emission savings over burning tires and is an important environmental solution for scrap tires.

Mr. Jamie Mann, CEO of Harmonic, stated, "With the potential for the company to earn Carbon Credits this action will add significant value to the company's bottom line."

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About Harmonic Energy Inc.

Harmonic Energy Inc. is a company that focuses on a comprehensive solution to the disposition of scrap tires worldwide. Harmonic plans include the utilization of proven technologies that ensure each scrap tire is either remanufactured and put back on the road as a new tire or is completely recycled and reduced into marketable chemical commodity products. Both the tire remanufacturing and carbonization technologies that will be utilized by Harmonic are commercially proven and have viable operating commercial facilities.