December 16, 2014 09:00 ET Debuts Collage

App Consolidates Enterprise Cloud Services Into a Single Contextual Workstream to Drive Productivity

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - Dec 16, 2014) - The new digital workplace relies on an exploding number of disconnected enterprise cloud services -- creating a fragmented user experience. Business professionals demanding anytime, anywhere access to business information are typically forced to toggle between apps as they struggle to get a complete view of work activities/updates. Delivering a 360-degree view across enterprise cloud services, today launched Collage to give workers the first contextual, single-screen workstream.

"Businesses are struggling to provide contextual information to support making business decisions thanks to the onslaught of data from rapidly growing sets of disjointed sources. Bridging information silos to deliver smart data and connect workers to each other and to topics with context based on what they need as individuals to be productive is absolutely critical, especially in today's connected, mobile, cloud environment," noted Michael Fauscette, Group Vice President, Software Business Solutions, IDC.

To overcome information overload, Collage gives workers an intuitive way to see the big picture by piecing together the right information, at the right time and within the right topical context so they can make intelligent business decisions. Its consolidated activity workstream brings together updates from disjointed enterprise cloud services, correlating notifications and information into one common language and finding relationships across a variety of sources.

"The proliferation of enterprise cloud services has created complex information silos for the organization and an attention overload for the business user required to toggle between disjointed apps," commented Dominique Tessaro, CIO at VINCI Energies, a world leader in energy efficiency and renewable energy with 63,000 employees in 45 countries. " Collage simplifies the user experience by making sense of disjointed information spread out across enterprise clouds in a single app." For more on what Tessaro has to say about Collage, view his recent video interview.

Collage automatically deduces shared topics (e.g., customer names, project titles, products, events) so individuals can see all information related to that topic. The initial launch unifies Microsoft Office 365, Yammer and Salesforce notification services; additional cloud services will be added in 2015.

"Enterprise users are now flooded with unstructured communications from too many applications and channels to count, and they are demanding user-centric tools that can bring clarity to the enterprise cloud confusion. Collage does just that -- giving today's workers easy, and extremely powerful, access to a consolidated view of critical business information," said Shawn Wiora, CIO at Creative Solutions In HealthCare.

"Today's employees are relying on an increasing number of cloud-based sites and mobile applications for things like messaging, file sharing, content creation, social networking and more. The more tools in use, the more complex it becomes to focus on the actual work, because related information spans across multiple clouds," added Alan Lepofsky of Constellation Research. "Tools that aggregate multiple sources into a single location make it easier for employees to create, discover and take action on the things people require to get their jobs done."

Powering the new digital workplace, Collage:

  • Connects multiple enterprise cloud services and provides a real-time feed of critical notifications
  • Allows workers to easily personalize their view/workstream
  • Automates topic creation, creating tags from structured and unstructured data
  • Delivers unmatched information context based on time, events, users, calendars, etc.
  • Lets workers quickly filter by person, topic, task, etc. and see all updates/activities
  • Instantly launches the app needed to complete a business task, whether it be updating a Salesforce record or joining a Yammer conversation

"The current user experience of the emerging digital workplace is fragmented thanks to siloed cloud services. People are drowning in a deluge of information and end up paralyzed instead of productive," stated Yaacov Cohen, CEO of "It is time to break the chains of vendor lock-in and help workers get the information they need when they need it -- and, most importantly, within the proper context for each individual. The future of work rests in a consolidated user experience and delivering clarity amidst information chaos."

About empowers the digital workplace by delivering the single-screen contextual workstream today's tech-saturated users demand. Giving companies a way to securely support their employees' changing work dynamic, now delivers the seamless user experience needed to increase productivity and collaboration, and to make the right business decisions anytime, anywhere and on any device. An established global company, combines the power of the top enterprise applications and collaboration platforms -- including IBM, Microsoft, Salesforce and Yammer -- to help its thousands of customers around the globe achieve the promise of the digital workplace.

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