December 16, 2014 10:24 ET Releases Independent Research Study

Study Finds Delivering Contextual Experiences Drives Business

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - Dec 16, 2014) - Organizations investing in cloud, mobile and collaboration technologies need a unified strategy, and IT decision makers are now charged with helping people get the full, contextual picture of their work priorities across disparate systems. recently commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a custom study of U.S. IT decision makers to explore the business use case of cloud-based technology investments and how they plan to develop the optimal end-user experience within their organization.

The December 2014 Forrester Consulting Technology Adoption Profile, "Delivering Contextual Experiences Drives Business," found that organizations need to deliver a contextual employee experience to drive business value. Respondents were VP or director level and above from organizations with more than 500 employees, and understood their organization's cloud, mobile, collaboration and communication software strategies. For full details and findings, please download the complete study.

According to the study, "Current inefficiencies lead to mobile applications being underutilized due to a lack of integration with business process, as well as information being delivered out of business context. An engagement workplace, based on increased investment in mobile, cloud and collaboration tools, will deliver information across all applications, regardless of if they are on premise or cloud based, in business context and tailored to each mobile form factor."

In fact, a Forrester Forrsights Software Survey, Q4 2013 noted in the study revealed that most organizations are looking to collaboration technology to provide faster information access, improve communication, and increase knowledge sharing to boost worker productivity and speed effective problem solving. The new custom study released today took it one step deeper -- exploring the business-oriented use case for cloud technologies -- and found that cloud technologies deepen employee engagement, improve selling and speed go to market, and improve customer satisfaction through more contextual information.

However, the IT decision makers surveyed noted that a lack of integration and business context limits the value employees can get from mobile applications. Stating, "Switching between multiple applications that look and act differently, are not designed to work together and do not offer a full array of the information necessary to make critical decisions frustrate users and drive down business benefit. Users want all of the information available to get a full view of a problem or opportunity. At best, the fragmented nature of many current solutions frustrates users and at worst leads to poor decisions."

The survey also asked IT decision makers how to drive business value and adoption. It found that the optimal user experience environment supports a portfolio of cloud and on-premise applications, is consistent and common across all form factors and offers information in business context.

The study concluded: "An engagement workplace that provides users the optimal work environment will deliver enhanced sales, better customer service, improved product quality and more opportunities for innovation." today launched Collage to give workers the first contextual, single-screen workstream across enterprise cloud services. Collage gives workers an intuitive way to see the big picture by piecing together the right information, at the right time and within the right topical context so they can make intelligent business decisions.

About empowers the digital workplace by delivering the single-screen contextual workstream today's tech-saturated users demand. Giving companies a way to securely support their employees' changing work dynamic, now delivers the seamless user experience needed to increase productivity and collaboration, and to make the right business decisions anytime, anywhere and on any device. An established global company, combines the power of the top enterprise applications and collaboration platforms -- including IBM, Microsoft, Salesforce and Yammer -- to help its thousands of customers around the globe achieve the promise of the digital workplace.

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