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January 06, 2010 13:00 ET

Harnessing Change: TIIG's TransSecurity(SM) Helps Producers Create Opportunities for Clients' Loved Ones

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - January 6, 2010) - Recognizing that today's economy means a new financial landscape -- one that's littered with heightened fears and significant setbacks -- Transamerica Insurance & Investment Group (TIIG) announced the launch of TransSecurity, a concept specifically designed to help producers address the concerns of their mass affluent (or those ages 55 and up with $1-$10 million in net worth outside of their primary residence) clients.

Financial professionals throughout the country will recall that, as recently as 18 months ago, an important issue on the minds of the mass-affluent was how they could pass their wealth to their children and grandchildren. Today, with their assets greatly diminished and the economy just beginning to recover, these same individuals are no longer in a position to focus so much of their energy -- and their resources -- on future generations.

"The realization that future generations will inherit a colossal legacy of debt and face an uphill battle just to have the same opportunities enjoyed by the previous generation is devastating to many parents and grandparents," explains Marty Flewellen, President of TIIG. "These clients haven't shifted their focus to preserving their own quality of life because they suddenly love their children and grandchildren less than they did two years ago," he continues. "They're staring at their portfolios, wondering how they can take care of themselves and still be able to provide opportunities to their families. Our strategy -- TransSecurity -- helps them do just that."

Designed to help clients fill the gaps that could deprive future generations of the educational, professional and lifestyle opportunities enjoyed by previous generations, TransSecurity enables the mass-affluent to address their current financial needs, while still ensuring that future generations are given these opportunities. TransSecurity offers clients what they want and need, specifically a 4-step plan with:

--  Enhanced financial underwriting guidelines that calculate based on net
    worth, income and current inforce polices, irrespective of estate tax
--  An Income Protection Option that allows the policy owner to determine a
    monthly guaranteed income stream as well as initial and final lump-sum
    payments for beneficiaries,
--  TransACE®, a universal life insurance policy that offers guarantees,
    tax-favored status, a high internal rate of return, and is non-correlated
    to the stock market, and
--  The Transamerica Advantage, which includes financial strength and
    service, plus the TransSecurity Concierge Unit, a dedicated team offering
    producers customized tools, resources and support.

TransSecurity isn't just a means to secure a wealth transfer or leave a legacy. Its goal is to help fill the gaps that could deprive future generations of the educational, professional and lifestyle opportunities enjoyed by prior generations.

"Life insurance is an excellent solution for this problem," Flewellen explains.

For producers, this is good news. "The bottom line is this: Because of these rough economic times, your clients need you now more than ever. There are tons of opportunities to grow the business -- and make a positive difference right now -- and TransSecurity can help producers do just that," Flewellen states.

Producers and registered representatives interested in learning more about TransSecurity should contact the TransSecurity Concierge Unit at (866) 858-0066. TransACE® is a nonparticipating, flexible-premium universal life insurance policy issued by Transamerica Life Insurance Company, Cedar Rapids, IA 52499. Policy Form #1-12611107, Group Certificate #2-72336107 for certificates issued under a group policy issued to the Rhode Island National Consumer Protection Trust. Policy form and number may vary and this policy may not be available in all jurisdictions.

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