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Harrison Hygiene

September 09, 2010 10:00 ET

Harrison Hygiene: 6 Million Canadians Could Face Health Complications from Inadequately Cleaned Dentures

Leading Denturist Says Improper Cleaning Can Lead to Serious Oral Health Complications

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Sept. 9, 2010) - Harrison Hygiene, a team of dental specialists with over 40 years of experience, are embarking on an educational PR campaign to inform denture wearers that a standard soaking regiment is inadequate on its own and can leave behind a biofilm that can take form of bacterial infections the mouth.

"Among other things, the results can run from plaque build up and inflammation, to limited food choices, which lessen the vitamins and nutrients absorbed in the body – making the overall immune system more susceptible," said Dr. Jim Harrison D.D., President of Harrison Hygiene.

According to Harrison's dental team, soaking alone, while very necessary, doesn't take the place of brushing to remove this bacterial plaque. Dentures must be brushed and soaked in order to be thoroughly clean.

Here is their 6 point system for properly cleaning dentures and avoiding biofilm build-up: 
1. Run the dentures under warm water (not hot) to moisten and soften adherent debris and plaque.
2. Apply a denture cleanser, foam or paste, to the denture DO NOT USE TOOTH PASTE (too abrasive)
3. Brush vigorously with a denture brush (toothbrush will not reach all groves) for approximately 90 seconds
4. Place denture in cup and soak with tablet or powder solution, according to manufacturers recommended times.
5. Always brush the denture AGAIN after soaking
6. Rinse denture thoroughly before putting back in mouth

To ensure a proper cleaning every time, Harrison Hygiene has developed 'the world's first and only power denture brush' to ensure easy and proper cleaning for all denture wearers. The Dual head PowerDent Pulse™ brush allows an easy, power assisted and thorough cleaning of dentures to remove biofilm and bacteria.

"Our team of dental professionals sees dirty dentures every day," added Dr. Harrison. "No matter how diligent many of our patients are, they often lack the ability, know how or dexterity to thoroughly and properly clean their dentures. That's why we are so pleased to be able to offer the PowerDent Pulse and ensure a safe and proper cleaning every time."

About The PowerDent Pulse

The PowerDent Pulse uses patented Pulse technology to blast away plaque, debris, stains and tartar from dentures. The brush power cleans the denture and is used either before or after soaking to ensure the cleanest clean. The brush employs a patented Dual Head design that ensures that all denture surfaces, even the hard to reach grooves that fit onto the gums, are powerfully brushed every day. The PowerDent Pulse is available online at a cost of $39.99 CDN.

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