January 23, 2012 10:30 ET

Hartford Re-Engages Electronic Procurement With BidSync

City of Hartford Returns to Using BidSync for Its Electronic Sourcing Processes

AMERICAN FORK, UT--(Marketwire - Jan 23, 2012) - BidSync, a national leader in government e-procurement, e-sourcing software and bid notifications, today announced the City of Hartford, Conn., recently decided to return to using BidSync eProcure™ and Builder™ bid management system for all of its electronic sourcing needs.

"We wanted to return to an e-procurement solution where we could gain back the direct efficiency resulting in productivity that comes along with a SaaS based solution," said Tara C. Washington of the City of Hartford. "BidSync eProcure™ and Builder™ allow us to quickly create and post RFPs, RFIs, or RFQs, receive electronic offers from vendors and easily manage the overall challenges of procurement -- including those that are as complex as construction RFPs."

Tailored to help government entities such as cities, counties and states meet their procurement needs, BidSync eProcure™ is an easy to use, web-based system that helps track and manage every last detail for all types of electronic bidding. The system's versatility will allow the City of Hartford to conduct all bid types including: informal and formal quotes, electronic sealed bids, reverse auctions and detailed line bidding for construction-specific bids. Additionally, vendors will easily respond electronically to their bid opportunities via secure, encrypted lockbox technology.

"BidSync has a 98 percent retention rate that speaks volumes about our system, not only in terms of cost savings but also our world-class customer service about the accolades that our system consistently receives in the industry," said Sabrina Stover, CEO of BidSync. "Government agencies that have chosen a different e-procurement solution for budgetary reasons quickly realize that the benefits BidSync provides are unmatched elsewhere. City governments, along with other government entities, are feeling increased pressure to cut costs and improve efficiency. Our powerful, yet easy to use e-procurement solution helps bridge the gap between the City of Hartford and the businesses with which it works."

About BidSync

BidSync connects a vast network of vendors and suppliers to government agencies and organizations in need of products and services with BidSync eProcure™, BidSync Builder™ and BidSync Links PLUS™ bid notification services.

As a leader in the e-procurement industry, BidSync provides solutions to more than 300 active agencies and more than 600,000 vendors nationwide. Its SaaS solution, launched more than 12 years ago, is designed to meet the increasing procurement demands of public agencies. The BidSync suite of solutions have been built around ensuring increased efficiency and spend management for the agencies it serves by automating, consolidating, and centralizing procurement information and processes.

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