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September 08, 2014 16:02 ET

Harvest Installing 1000 WatchDog Monitors

'Watch-Dog helps us reduce well site visits and keep our wells flowing.' George Briggs, Harvest Operations

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwired - Sept. 8, 2014) -

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One of the oil patch's rapidly growing and innovative energy producers, Harvest Operations Corp. (Harvest), a wholly owned subsidiary of Korea National Oil Corporation, is now installing low-cost monitoring devices on 1,000 of its oil wells in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Calgary-based Advanced Flow Technology Inc. (AFTI), developer of WatchDog®, an oil well monitor and monitoring system announced Harvest's order today. George Briggs, Harvest's manager of operations said he is installing WatchDog® on 1000 Harvest wells because WatchDog® cuts down on unnecessary well site visits and is ideal for marginal production wells.

"We want our field crews to focus on safety, maintenance and prevention, environmental issues and production goals," he said. "With WatchDog®, we're making better use of field personnel time, saving money and - most importantly keeping our wells running all of the time. Our crews are no longer checking wells for the sake of checking wells," he said.

WatchDog®, which is promoted as 'a well's best friend', is a simple concept. It is a battery-operated monitor that weighs less than two pounds (.9 kilo) and is easily installed. WatchDog® continually monitors an oil well's temperature, pressure and vibration. Data is sent via satellite to a secure, password-protected internet site. When there is a change in one of the three monitored areas, which could mean the well has stopped producing, WatchDog® immediately 'barks' by sending customers a text and email. Customers access historic information about the well, identify its location and decide if a field visit is necessary.

The developer of the monitors and its system says there are three reasons why so many producers are now installing WatchDog® which was first used on oil wells in 2012. "Information is simple. Wells are monitored continuously and readings stored on line. 'Barks' about a down well are received immediately via email and text. The cost of a monitor is low ($2,000 for the monitor and $35 per month service fee to access data)", said Len Johnson, AFTI president.

Johnson says his goals are to help producers streamline their oil field operations, help producers reduce operating costs and to keep wells running. "We know there is a wide-variety of electronic solutions available," he said. "But, by simplifying data, providing timely information and offering the lowest cost monitoring system, we offer the best solution for producers to maximize their run times and deliver the innovation needed for today's production. We see a growing demand for WatchDog®," he said.

Johnson said the company is already field testing a next generation WatchDog® capable of monitoring new essential well data which he hopes to introduce to producers this fall. There are now 50 producers who have installed and are installing WatchDog® on more than 2,000 oil wells in Western Canada and North Dakota. Johnson's goal is to have WatchDog® on 3000 oil wells by the end of 2014.

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