April 29, 2008 11:00 ET

HarvestINFO Announces the Launch of "IntelligentAds"

HarvestINFO and Moon Valley Software Deliver Local Directory Taxonomy Information for Local Search Ads Resulting From Their Partnership

CINCINNATI, OH--(Marketwire - April 29, 2008) - Veteran online advertising technology company HarvestINFO Inc. announces the release of IntelligentAds to serve the local search market. HarvestINFO has served the Local Online Media Market for over ten years by focusing on providing applications and services to drive both online revenue and traffic for local media companies by connecting online users, advertisers and merchants. HarvestINFO's core technology and experience base in mining through advertising information and normalizing data output of advertising feeds will be combined with Arroyo Grande, California-based Moon Valley Software and their local directory taxonomy. HarvestInfo has taken a leadership position with this new technology and is the sole provider of IntelligentAds.

By combining the expertise of both companies, the partnership will deliver "IntelligentAds," which provide unparalleled information and depth to the online local advertiser search. The combination of advertising information, taxonomy and other pertinent advertiser information enables more powerful and greatly enhanced search results for the user and exposure for local advertisers.

"This product enhances the exposure for advertisers and improves the value of search results for users," said Joe Rueth, CEO of HarvestINFO. "By bringing together what has traditionally been two different areas of information, directory and commercial online ads, we are able to embed 'smart data' to create more useful and responsive search results from the IntelligentAds. The expertise and knowledge that Moon Valley brings and the willingness to explore, has been a perfect fit with Harvest and will provide great value for advertisers and online users."

"The tempo at which new-school companies operate must be acknowledged. Competition in a fast paced environment demands action rather than reaction. This mashup with HarvestINFO is an example of the proactive thinking required to meet that demand. I'm enthused to be working with HarvestINFO as a company and the people that make it a success. Our customers are the beneficiaries." - Pete Ryan - CEO Moon Valley Software.

Both companies will be presenting "IntelligentAds" at the Kelsey Group Conference; "Drilling Down on Local '08 Marketplaces"; April 30 - May 2 in Seattle, Washington.


HarvestINFO, Inc. provides leading edge local search, online shopping, and online advertising technology solutions for hundreds of media clients, representing over 50 publishing groups, worldwide. Led by a Management team that started together at Lexis-Nexis ™, HarvestINFO has delivered solutions since 1996 that enable media clients to strengthen their commitment of service to local advertisers and consumers, and compete in their local marketplace. For more information on what HarvestINFO can do for your local franchise, please visit

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