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September 27, 2011 08:00 ET

HasOffers Announces Some Robust Affiliate Tracking Updates

New Features Include Automated Custom Languages, Pay-Per-Call Integration and More

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - Sep 27, 2011) - HasOffers (, an affiliate tracking software, today announced several new updates, including custom languages, XML Product feeds, Pay-Per-Call Tracking and more.

"This summer has really flown by. Though we've been really busy building new technologies, we've also pumped out some amazing new features for the HasOffers software platform," said Lucas Brown, CEO of HasOffers, "and it doesn't stop there. Our customers can look forward to many more improvements in the coming months."

With these new updates, HasOffers clients have access to:

  • Automated Upload for Custom Languages
    Translating the HasOffers SaaS platform into non-English languages just got easier. With this update, clients can upload their own Portable Object (PO) files with their own custom translations. They can choose to download and edit the PO file for one of the 9 existing translations or they can create a translation for an entirely new language by editing a PO file and uploading the revised version as one of 100 new languages. HasOffers clients can even change vocabulary or add in their own branded terminology throughout the application.

  • Pay-Per-Call Tracking (Ring Revenue Integration)
    RingRevenue's platform for call performance marketing is in tandem with HasOffers. The integration allows networks using HasOffers to easily set up "pay-per-call" offers and pay affiliates/publishers for the valuable leads they produce via phone. Once enabled, affiliates have access to unique phone numbers for tracking their traffic to their affiliate account. The integration pulls affiliate activity from RingRevenue's platform and records it appropriately in the HasOffers network for seamless reporting.

  • XML Product Feeds for Offers
    A product feed usually comes in the form of a XML feed produced by an Ecommerce store or retailer that includes links to hundreds or thousands of products. With this new feature, HasOffers tracks which products receive clicks and conversions by converting the links to affiliate tracking links. HasOffers searches the XML document for all < URL > tags which contain the links to product pages. It then grabs the value of the URL node and appends the product URL to an affiliate tracking link. This way, individual affiliates can promote an entire product feed, tracking which products perform.

  • View Through Tracking
    HasOffers now supports "view through" tracking, allowing advertisers to start a tracking session on the impression rather than the click. When a user views a creative or the impression pixel is loaded, the tracking session is set. This update allows advertisers to specify a session length for impression which is different from the click session length, giving them the ability to set a session to be 1 day if a user just views the banner ad (no click). Advertisers can compensate affiliates for users that see a banner ad and then create a conversion without clicking on the link.

  • Rotating Links in Campaigns
    "Link campaigns" allow users to create an Ad Manager campaign using offer URLs (separate destinations) without creatives or banners so they can optimize where users land after clicking. Instead of optimizing creative files, this new feature simply optimizes offers and offer URLs. Advertisers easily control and update which offers and landing pages are receiving traffic and affiliates figure out which destinations convert well for their traffic sources. The HasOffers ad servers automatically optimize offers in a link campaign based on performance or offer URLs (links) can be paused and resumed manually.

  • Set Payout on Click
    This is a special feature that includes a "payout" in affiliate tracking links. Companies that use HasOffers to buy traffic on a Cost Per Click (CPC) basis for offers that pay out on conversion can now dynamically pass in their costs through tracking links. Instead of using the default offer payout or a custom affiliate payout set in the system, an amount set in the link will override the payout and the cost will be recorded accordingly in HasOffers reporting.

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