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Solid performance in 2009

Net cash position turned positive

Proposed doubling of dividend

â-º Annual revenue of ÂEUR 1,441 million, organic growth of -7.9% for the full year and -4.4% for the fourth quarter, the strongest performance in the sector

â-º Income from operations margin of ÂEUR 180 million or 12.5% of revenue, up from 12% in 2008

â-º Net income, Group share: ÂEUR 92 million

â-º Net cash position of ÂEUR 48 million at 31 December 2009, after net debt of ÂEUR 79 million at year-end 2008

â-º Proposed doubling of dividend to 8 cents (ÂEUR ) per share

The Board of Directors, meeting on March 23, 2010, approved the annual accounts for the 2009 financial year.

The key figures were as follows:

Please see table in press release.

1. Revenue

Group revenue for 2009 was ÂEUR 1,441 million, i.e. a gross decrease of 8.1% on 2008.

Organic growth was -7.9% for the full year 2009.

In the fourth quarter of 2009, revenue totaled ÂEUR 415 million, i.e. organic growth of -4.4%. This was a significant improvement on the previous quarters and the best performance in the sector to date.

2. Results

Income from operations totaled ÂEUR 180 million in 2009, compared with ÂEUR 188 million in 2008. The income from operations margin was 12.5% of revenue, up from 12% in 2008.

This good level of margin on income from operations was achieved through disciplined cost control and the Group's ability to rapidly adjust its operating expenses to the demands of a highly fluctuating environment.

Non-recurring restructuring costs (severance payments, real estate) resulted in Operating income of ÂEUR 150 million in 2009.

The sharp drop in financial expense (due to the OCEANE bond redemption in early 2009 and the Group's strong financial position), as well as the lower tax rate, enabled the Group to contain the decrease in Net income (ÂEUR 92 million in 2009 after ÂEUR 104 million in 2008). When 2008 capital gains from disposals (ÂEUR 9 million) are factored out, 2009 Net income (Group share) fell by a mere 3%.

3. Financial structure

The Group's financial structure was further reinforced in 2009:

the net cash position at December 31, 2009 became positive at ÂEUR 48 million, after net debt of ÂEUR 79 million at December 31, 2008,

the maturity of net financial debt, which stood at two and a half years in 2006, was extended to over four years in early 2010,

and average net debt2 over the full year 2009 was ÂEUR 147 million, down 50% on 2008.

The further improvement of the Group's financial structure was due to:

the high level of cash generated through good results and constant attention to cash management

the moderate level of financial investment (approximately ÂEUR 13 million) in 2009, and substantial decrease in capital expenditure on tangible assets.

4. Net New Business1

Net new business1 for 2009 remained robust at ÂEUR 1,270 million.

Some of the most significant account wins of the year include:

Global :

Hyundai Kia (Havas Media)

Jacob's Creek Pernod Ricard (Euro RSCG)

Turespana (MPG)

Credit Suisse (Euro RSCG London)

Dulux (Akzonobel) (Euro RSCG London)

Israel Tourist Office (MPG International)

Reckitt Benckiser (MPG)

Cerruti (Euro RSCG BETC Luxe)

Symantec in 6 Asia-Pacific countries (MPG Singapore)

Regional :

Heineken in the US (Euro RSCG New York)

LVMH in the US (MPG US)

AXA in the UK and United Arab Emirates (Havas Media)

Coty in France (Havas Media France)

Nova Schin in Brazil (Euro RSCG Brazil)

BBVA and Viagra in Latin America (Euro RSCG)

Orange Business Services in Asia-Pacific (Euro RSCG)

Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis and Shire US (Euro RSCG Life)

DBS (Euro RSCG Singapore)

Yell Publicidad and Ministero de Defensa (MPG Spain)

The year also brought a number of new account wins in digital, some of the most significant of which were:

IBM (Euro RSCG 4D) worldwide, EDF (Euro RSCG C&O) worldwide, Heineken (Euro RSCG New York), Lacoste (Euro RSCG New York), Sprint (Euro RSCG Chicago) and Method (Euro RSCG San Francisco) in the US, Clearasil (Euro RSCG Sydney), (Euro RSCG 4D Digital UK), First Choice Holidays and Tesco Finance (Havas Media UK), Cruz Roja Espagnola and Unicef (Havas Media Spain), Carrefour, P&G and Embratel (Havas Media Brazil), Telmex and Lan Chile (Havas Media LATAM), Unilever (Havas Media Philippines), KFC & Pizza Hut (Yum Brands) (Havas Media China) and Tata (Havas Media Singapore).

Euro RSCG was also appointed to Unilever's first ever global digital roster.

In the area of social networks, Euro RSCG was named agency of reference for Motorola USA, IKEA UK and sanofi-aventis in North America.

5. Board decisions and outlook

In view of the Group's satisfactory results and improved financial structure, the Board of Directors has decided to propose that the dividend be increased to 8 cents (ÂEUR ) at the next Annual General Meeting of shareholders.

The shareholders will also be asked to approve a share buyback plan totaling 40 million shares, i.e. 9.3% of the Group's capital.

The Havas S.A. shareholders' meeting will be convened on Tuesday, May 11, 2010.

APPENDIX 1: Financial information

Please see tables in the press release.

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(1) Net New Business

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