January 17, 2014 10:30 ET

Have You Spotted the 'Sneakily Awesome' Gameplay Features in PKR's TV Ads?

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - Jan. 17, 2014) - Since Boxing Day 2013, the world's most famous 3D online poker brand has been running TV ads on a variety of mainstream channels, both of which have revealed certain gameplay features that add an incredible amount of depth to the player's experience.

PKR is the original 3D poker website, established in 2004, and has consistently strived to maintain its reputation as the best provider of immersive online poker. It's a mission. And these recent TV commercials (particularly the first) give viewers a peek at what the developers are willing to do in order to accomplish that mission:

1. PKR TV Advert: I won it all!

2. PKR Poker App TV Advert

In commercial #1, the city background is present straightaway, yet most viewers will be focused on the pink-felted table and the guy places his chips into the pot.

Next, the ad cuts to a separate game taking place in Paris - notice the Eiffel tower outside the veranda windows, behind the player in the white cap. In the next shot, that player's opponent folds to his bet and behind his shoulder, you can see three friends enjoying a glass of wine … there's a candle burning in the centre of the table.

From there, the gameplay enhancing features just keep coming:

  • A blonde-haired character twists an Oreo biscuit in half

  • A woman celebrates a win with pocket-queens, in a full casino setting. Fruit machines are lighting up and a game of blackjack is running in the backdrop. Still, there's more onscreen when looking a little closer; a glass of fresh orange is at her side (complete with a straw) and the dealer chip is decorated in a yin-yang style.

  • A man playing a penthouse game, rolls his chips from one hand into the other. Behind him, you can see couples looking out beyond the skyscrapers in the city and a temptingly calm pool. The lady over his left shoulder is enjoying a conversation over a glass of white wine/champagne.

  • As the camera and narrator focuses on character faces (one of the signature in-depth gameplay features of PKR), eagle-eyed viewers may spot the realistic paintings behind the blonde lady in the white t-shirt.

  • As the ad comes to an end, the focus switches to a high-profile heads-up in a studio setting. The background audience is animated throughout (some even standing up in reaction to the play). The man on the dealer button places a bet … and his opponent's avatar is actually watching his hands move.* When that opponent shoves his chips into the pot, it becomes apparent that he's wearing a gold ring.

"This is poker at PKR." That's how the narrator sums up everything that just happened onscreen over the last 30 seconds. And when users have the time to take all that information in, it really does underline just how committed the poker website is to giving players more than just a digital game of cards.

A spokesperson for PKR commented:

"We only ever introduce new features that we know the players will like. There's a fine line between adding depth and overloading the game so much that it distracts from the cards. That's why most of the features are sneakily awesome - subtle touches like the background characters.

"Our members are honest and vocal - if they don't like something, they'll let us know and we'll always look to perfect the online playing environment for them."

The second advert is more centred on the tablet and mobile versions of the game, now available on android too.

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*Players can control where their avatars are 'looking' by hovering the mouse over certain areas onscreen i.e. opponent heads, cards and chips.

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