HE-5 Resources Corporation

October 27, 2009 09:33 ET

HE-5 Resources Corp, Announces Management is Currently Evaluating Insiders' Stock Purchase Program and Redeemable Membership Plan.

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK--(Marketwire - Oct. 27, 2009) - HE-5 Resources, Corp. (PINK SHEETS:HRRN), Today announced Management is currently evaluating insider's stock purchase program and redeemable Membership plan.

HE-5 is reviewing potential options to take advantage of the current stock price and Company potential to build a solid "at stake" shareholder base, sustaining the Company management vision in rewarding its active members.

Management had given instructions to its securities and financial advisors to provide a complete list of options and detailed proposed Stock Purchase Program for: Management, employees, venture partners, and insiders.

Secondly the request was also for advisors to provide the company with various options for offering a redeemable membership plan to our "United Business Traders" members.

Since the beginning of the "Trading Barter Bank" foundation, management and concept creators have envisioned an incentive and redeemable membership plan that could generate motivated interest within its membership community and create substantial flow of trading every day.

The Company believes in rewarding its members to create a common targeted "Traders" interest in participating in the stock and benefit from building long lasting and renewed participation among a community member base growing day after day. This corporate action will be evaluated to be in conformity with current rules and regulations and approval of regulating authorities.

Management has indicated the following through Mr. Rick DesOrmeaux CFO: "The Company is at the beginning of its operations and we are building the asset value every day. We are growing our membership and moving rapidly to build revenues for the upcoming year. I am convinced that we have an ideal scenario for building sustainable value for our company stock and shareholders."

Mr. DesOrmeaux added:"Think about it: Why wouldn't I take advantage of the stock price at this value when we have paid $0.035 for transfer of intellectual property? I would believe my odds for the stock value to do good would be potentially positive, wouldn't you?"

Management will keep the shareholders informed of its conclusion of the analysis shortly.

We will be sending the newsletter today (instead of yesterday) as previously announced to all members already registered. For others who would not have joined us yet we invite you to look for it on our forum at www.unitedbusinesstraders.com and suggest you fill the online registration form to receive member packages.

We invite you to visit our corporate web site at: www.tradingbartercorp.com

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