HE-5 Resources Corporation

October 14, 2009 09:35 ET

HE-5 RESOURCES CORP., Announces "Trading Barter Bank" Will Become Trading Agency for Governments International Commerce Exchange of; Goods, Services and Specialized Manpower

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK--(Marketwire - Oct. 14, 2009) - HE-5 Resources, Corp. (PINK SHEETS:HRRN), Today announced "Trading Barter Bank" will become trading agency for Government international commerce exchange of goods, services, and specialized manpower.

Following our spring 2009 go to market venue, and TBB team effort to build Brand Line Product Names & Corporate Image Positioning for the "Trading Barter Bank" Commerce Exchange Platform, we have received several business offers and trade opportunities from individuals, small and medium size companies and surprisingly Government Commerce Departments and trade agents.

One of the main objectives of the Trading Barter Bank" vision was to offer new tools, ideas and alternatives to business people and enterprises. In the current economic context, businesses need relief solutions to lack of liquidity and sales setbacks. Barter has been a method of commerce utilized for centuries that has always remained and survived throughout economic crises and monetary fluctuations.

We have been asked by many government officials, to evaluate if our trading platform would respond to current government needs for international commerce, as they are faced as well with same lack of liquidities and market sales decrease. We were stunt to discover that our Trading solutions are perfectly adaptable to this market niche, and that it even provides further advantages to governments as it acts as a non-political free trading worldwide market.

We have been encountered to specific organization needs for essential raw material, medicinal products, food supplies, and many other goods, for which governments would be willing to offer in return interesting business opportunities and products. Our engineering team has instigated some modular software modifications to our "Trading Barter Bank" platform and add-ons to respond to this new business reality. Management will soon be releasing new trading modules in preparation of our New Business Trading Community environment, while taking advantage of this new market niche responding to today's organizations and business needs.

"Trading Barter Bank" has packaged this ancestral trading approach, in a renewed and adapted market place built for today's active business entrepreneurs. The multichannel sales and marketing hub, offers secured and easy trading opportunities, displayed to millions of eyeballs on a daily bases.

As previously announced, HE-5 will be releasing more information on acquisition status tomorrow and management will be hosting a conference call meeting at 2:00 pm Eastern Time to launch our new communication system and Company client care policies. For the occasion, Management will be posting tomorrow morning the agenda of the meeting and topics and rules, to be as efficient as possible and in order to respond to as many as possible shareholders' questions.

We will keep our shareholders informed and invite you in participating to our new online "United Business Traders" forum worldwide at www.unitedbusinesstraders.com

For more information on "Trading Barter Bank" we invite you to please visit our corporate Web site now available in English, French and Spanish at: www.tradingbartercorp.com

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