August 04, 2014 12:06 ET

Headrig1(SM) Lets Users Share the World as They See It

Unleash the Power of Smartphone Video Technology With Headrig1 to Capture and Share First-Person Perspectives With the World

SPRINGFIELD, MO--(Marketwired - August 04, 2014) - First Person Initiative announces the launch of Headrig1, a mobile accessory that puts the power of hands-free video production in the hands of amateur and professional photographers and videographers. Designed to hold most smartphones, Headrig1 gives users the ability to capture hands-free photography and video at 1/10th the price of most wearable technologies. It leverages the power of existing smartphones, making hands-free video production within reach of the every-day user.

Perfect for do-it-yourself and other training video needs, Headrig1 gives the user freedom to decide which smartphone technology works best for individual need. The unit is ideally suited for those wanting to capture experiences or learning from a first person perspective. In addition to adventures for the outdoor enthusiast, it's ideally suited for:

  • Creating training videos for a multitude of education needs including art, music, sports and photography/video production
  • Capturing personal sports, vacation, or other experiences to share with friends
  • Technical demonstrations
  • DIY videos including automotive and home repair, and beauty/makeup techniques
  • Sporting events/games
  • Training and safety exercises

Headrig1 is built to last and the high-quality head-mount allows maximum flexibility in choosing video angles and orientations. It can also be attached to any standard photography tripod so users can actively participate behind and in front of the camera.

"Not everyone can spend five hundred to a thousand dollars on a camera that you can use for hands free filming," said lead designer Brad Noble. "You can use the Headrig1 device with almost any cell phone to capture those exciting moments with comparable quality to the expensive leading device in the market today. We designed Headrig1 to be used from the exact vantage point the user desires. I've used it to capture everything from cooking recipes, interactions at family events, outdoor sports and hunting, to fixing a car. It's even been used to film a shot through an archer's sight as the arrow was being released to the target."

After extensive testing, the Headrig1 device demonstrated its ability to stand up to the competition. The device has been tested in the field and even taken to South America to be used to hike Machu Picchu and the mountains of Peru for a head-to-head comparison with more expensive competitors, to ensure customers get the best product for their money in any environment.

As part of its campaign to "Share the World as You See it," Headrig1 will target efforts to industry professionals, growing the excitement for the product while focusing on consumers at-large. Headrig1 customers will be encouraged to share videos via social media and on the Headrig1 website. Headrig1 is a small company determined to take on the industry giants so consumers have an inexpensive alternative. It's available at and other leading online retailers. Headrig1 works with practically any mobile device to capture and share the world as you see it. For more information please visit: or see a brief video demonstration on YouTube.

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