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September 03, 2015 10:00 ET

Health Connect South on Midtown Business RadioX Showcases Innovative Health Technology

ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwired - September 03, 2015) - On August 17, 2015, Health Connect South Radio welcomed to the studio Bailey Ernstes and Jake Kaslow with Monitor Med Solutions and Jim Sullivan with HealPros. Host CW Hall led a discussion with these two Atlanta companies who are developing innovative health technology and talked about the respective problems their solutions solve.

Monitor Med Solutions was founded by several Georgia Tech students to create a device that would use bluetooth technology to give hydrocephalus patients real-time monitoring data regarding their intracranial pressure via their mobile devices. Bailey Ernstes and Jake Kazlow, two of the co-founders, joined us to talk about their project.

According to Ernstes, "As many as 1,500 babies are born with hydrocephalus, an abnormally-high intracranial pressure caused by a disruption in the normal flow of cerebral spinal fluid. These patients require that a shunt be implanted that will facilitate modulation of the intracranial pressure and prevent the numerous neurological problems and even death that can occur when pressure rises or falls beyond certain limits."

The challenge for these patients and their families is that the shunt technology itself has not evolved much since its inception. In most cases, the only way the patients discover there is a problem is when they begin to show symptoms of increased pressure. "Our bluetooth transmitter enables the user to get pressure readings via an app on their mobile device," explained Kaslow, "potentially allowing them to seek care before neurologic symptoms occur and/or preventing unnecessary ER admissions to seek care."

Joining in the discussion was Jim Sullivan, CEO of HealPros, a company that utilizes tele-imaging capabilities along with on-site technologists who can do exams in a physician’s office or even a patient’s home. The company partners with health plans and physician offices to coordinate visits with patients and conduct the necessary eye exam.

"We saw a need for closing the gap in preventive care for patients with diabetes," said Sullivan. "The diabetic population is at risk for blindness due to retinal damage that is caused by chronically-elevated glucose levels, and it can take years of asymptomatic progression of the retinal damage for visual changes to occur."

To learn more about these featured guests and the role their companies play with innovative technology, listen to the entire interview on Health Connect South Radio.

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