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March 29, 2005 11:59 ET

Healthaxis Uses Voltage Security to Protect Private Patient Data in Health Insurance Claims Processing

Voltage Security Products Featuring Identity-Based Encryption (IBE) Provide Easy-to-Use Solution for Security in Healthcare Claims Processing

PALO ALTO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 29, 2005 -- Voltage Security, Inc., (, a global leader in enterprise privacy management, and Healthaxis Inc. (NASDAQ: HAXS), a leading provider of claims and administration solutions and services for health benefit administrators and health insurance claims processors, today announced that Healthaxis is using award-winning Voltage SecureMail™ to protect the privacy of private patient data when sending emails to facilitate the claims processing process. Healthaxis is using Voltage SecureMail and the centralized administrative functions provided by the Voltage Enterprise Privacy Management Platform to manage secure messaging between Healthaxis legal, customer service and business analysts and those outside the company involved in the claims processing process such as payees, healthcare providers and other insurance providers.

"We selected Voltage for three reasons: there is no additional account set-up required prior to using Voltage SecureMail; there is no 'middleman' or remote server where messages need to be stored, and no chance of a security leak caused by passing messages through a third-party server, and; attachments and files can easily be encrypted and sent as part of the email. We are ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of client data with Voltage," said Will Long, director of IT security/tech services for Healthaxis.

"Securing private healthcare information, and at the same time saving costs through more efficient claims processing is a worthy challenge. Voltage Security helps Healthaxis meet both of these goals: providing privacy for its customers and streamlining business processes by using secure email communication in a practical and easy-to-use way," said Wasim Ahmad, vice president of marketing for Voltage Security, Inc.

Voltage Security products and services feature breakthrough technology called Identity-Based Encryption or IBE. IBE greatly simplifies the process of protecting private digital communications by using a common identity, such as an email address, as a public key. Unlike traditional PKI encryption systems, with IBE no certificates need to be managed and no pre-enrollment in the system is required. Voltage solutions typically require virtually no end-user training, can be easily managed by central administration and can provide policy-based encryption from the "edge of the network" for a totally automated solution.

About Healthaxis

Healthaxis (NASDAQ: HAXS) is a leading provider of fully integrated business process outsourcing and claims administration technology solutions; specializing in mailroom outsourcing, scanning, imaging, data capture, data conversion through OCR, repricing for primary and secondary networks and PPO Routing services. Healthaxis' technology enhanced solutions include a HIPAA compliant ASP claims administration software model, PPO cleanup and maintenance tools, and a suite of self service web enabled products targeting health benefit administrators and health insurance claims processors for the mid to large tier payer market. For information on Healthaxis products and services, call (800) 519-0679 or visit For investor information, call (972) 458-8000.

About Voltage Security

Voltage Security, Inc. provides the market leading Voltage Enterprise Privacy Management Platform, a foundation for securing IP-based communication. Based on a revolutionary breakthrough called IBE, or Identity Based Encryption, the Voltage Privacy Management Platform greatly simplifies the use and administration of traditional security systems. Voltage Security markets enterprise solutions including the Voltage SecurePolicy Suite™, Voltage SecureMail™, Voltage SecureFile™, and Voltage IBE Gateway Server™. Third-party and corporate developers can secure customer applications with the Voltage IBE Toolkit™. Voltage Security customers include leading corporations and governmental agencies from around the globe including XL Capital, Waterfield Mortgage and QVC Japan. For more information please visit

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