SOURCE: Healthcare Business Services Groups Inc.

March 02, 2007 11:06 ET

Healthcare Business Services Groups, Inc. (HBSGI) Announces That Its Proprietary Software Is Able to Read "Handwritten Information From the Patient's Registration Form and Super Bills," So No

Data Entry Personnel Is Needed

UPLAND, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 2, 2007 -- HBSGI (OTCBB: HBSV), through its proprietary software AutoMed®, a medical billing suite, can read "HANDWRITTEN INFORMATION from the patient's registration forms and super bills," said CEO Chandana Basu. "NO DATA ENTRY personnel are needed to enter patients' information and billing codes."

The Process: Once the patient's registration form is completed by the patient, the front office would scan this form into our special scanner; information is then converted into text and written to the database. After the physician visits the patient, he completes the super bill and places it in that special scanner; the insurance claim is then generated immediately and printed on the local printer. The claim will be submitted electronically if that insurance accepts electronic claims. NO CODING of the medical services is needed. Physicians save money on the coding personnel and keeps control on their billing. Steps to filing insurance claims are just like 1..2..3.

By automating the process of coding and billing, AutoMed® is helping to drive down operating costs of healthcare providers and enabling them to capture more revenue than in the past. With AutoMed®, all claims are automatically coded, charged and billed directly to the payer with maximum efficiency, right at the point of care. Current billing codes are preloaded into the AutoMed® software so there is no data entry required. The entire coding and billing process is linked to the diagnosis, so that billing is accurate and payment is efficient and there are less denied claims. Healthcare providers get paid correctly and much quicker than with traditional billing methods. We are convinced that AutoMed® can reduce operating costs by as much as 70% and can increase revenue by as much as 50%. With skyrocketing operating costs and bottom line bleeding, AutoMed®'s timing to market will play a key role in helping healthcare providers maintain a promising financial life.

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Healthcare Business Services Groups, Inc. or HBSGI (OTCBB: HBSV) is a provider of full-service medical billing services for over 17 years. The company provides traditional, customized medical billing services and support to physicians, providers, and healthcare facilities across the nation. In addition to its core medical billing services, HBSGI offers a comprehensive, full-service medical billing software product, AutoMed®, we believe that is the only fully automated product on the market

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