November 02, 2015 12:00 ET

Healthcare Industry Leaders Create RX4 Group

National Consulting Firm Provides Resources for Middle-Market Healthcare Providers in the Areas of Marketing, Hiring and Training Talent, Governance and Fiscal Side Management

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 2, 2015) -  Recognizing the demand from middle market healthcare companies for high level consulting services, Jon Warner, healthcare industry consultant and advisor, and Harry Nelson, managing partner of healthcare law firm Nelson Hardiman, started the RX4 Group. The boutique healthcare consulting firm offers a full suite of specialized business services nationally for healthcare companies that need strategy and support to change, innovate, and grow profitably.

"The healthcare consulting market is highly fragmented. RX4 aims to provide a focused resource for mid-market healthcare providers seeking to innovate and improve business operations while boosting their bottom lines," said Mr. Warner, an author and speaker on business revenue generation in the healthcare industry. "As much as 90% of the market pressure to change is on the mid-market, so RX4 is organized to become the one-stop shop for owners and physicians who need direction and support."

Mr. Warner, a management consultant and author, has worked in several industries including Healthcare, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Software and Technology. He has developed strategies and business plans for nearly every sector of the healthcare industry including wellness centers, psychiatric services, medical device companies, assisted living centers and medical 'concierge' practices.

Mr. Nelson has been a practicing attorney in the healthcare industry for over 20 years and established the Adaptive Healthcare Network, a group that encompasses the new healthcare consulting firm RX4.

He described the establishment of RX4 as driven by client business needs for more than legal help to sustain and grow their operations:

"We've learned the hard way that the best advice in the world isn't enough if clients can't find the consulting support they need to execute and develop their businesses."

"We are living through a period of significant transformation in the healthcare industry, some of it government-driven via the ACA, but much of it is part of broader social disruption, from the shift to a system that is patient-directed to one that is technology and data-driven," says Mr. Nelson. "We believe the only way to effectively meet client needs in navigating their challenges and seizing the opportunities presented is in close collaboration with consultants who can address human capital, financial, and other necessary business expertise."


RX4 is a nationally focused management consulting business which offers business support to healthcare provider organizations of all sizes and types to help them deal with change, innovate and profitably grow. The RX4 Group has four primary business practice areas including Marketing Strategy, Operations Strategy, People Strategy and Financial Strategy. For more information about RX4 Group please

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