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Healthcare of Today, Inc.

January 12, 2011 09:02 ET

Healthcare of Today Responds to News of Blue Shield's Proposed Rate Hike

"Another sign that the healthcare model is broken and must be fixed," says CEO Henry Jan

BURBANK, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - Jan. 12, 2011) - Today Healthcare of Today founder and CEO Henry Jan responded to the public outrage about Blue Shield's proposed rate hike.

Jan says, "If healthcare systems are efficient, costs would ideally be lowered, not raised. Companies don't want to raise fees; it's a last resort in an industry cornered by inefficiency. Healthcare of Today's vertical integration model, which is new for the industry, is centered upon reducing unnecessary or duplicated costs and thereby creating savings that can then be passed to the consumer or used to further improve care."

Over the past two years Healthcare of Today ("HOTI"; has been creating an expansive network spanning healthcare services and products, information technology, and biotechnology. By becoming involved in every level of healthcare delivery from facility ownership to staffing services, staff education, and the development of modern healthcare technology, the company believes it can create a healthcare ecosystem. 

HOTI has taken an innovative approach with its model, calling for the cooperation of companies in different sectors of healthcare and looking beyond the examination room to consider major costs healthcare systems endure, such as energy bills. U.S. hospitals spend over $5 billion annually on energy, an estimated 15% of their profits. Accordingly, Healthcare of Today launched Alternative Energy Partners, a portfolio of alternative energy solutions including solar and fuel cell technology that can offer savings for healthcare systems that require energy 24 hours a day.

Blue Shield issued a statement explaining the rates were the result of increased medical costs, sicker policyholders and healthier people dropping coverage because of the economy. The proposed increase at Blue Shield would average 30-35%; however, if it goes through this will be the company's third rate hike since October. California's newly elected insurance commissioner, Dave Jones, is reviewing the rates and has stated that he believes the premium increases would "impose significant financial burdens on struggling families, and in some cases, will lead to the loss of health care coverage altogether."

The instability of health insurance rates is not new; Blue Shield's news comes less than a year after Anthem Blue Cross suggested a 39-percent rate increase, setting off a wave of public protest. 

Jan says, "Rate increases are symptomatic of a more pressing problem: inefficiencies in the healthcare business model that have yet to be addressed. Healthcare has become a battlefield of healthcare companies against their own patients or providers. A new paradigm, which we are focused on creating, would be people-centric; it needs the buy-in and support of patients and the healthcare professionals who care for them in order to work.

Starting from the ground up, which we are not afraid to do, is the only way to provide Americans with the healthcare they want and deserve."

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Healthcare of Today is a holding company focused on developing and acquiring companies primarily within the Healthcare Industry. Healthcare of Today was founded on a mission to consistently provide high quality healthcare products, services, and education through an efficient system. We believed this mission could be accomplished by building a healthcare network centered on the delivery of better patient outcomes, a strong work environment for employees, and efficient spending. Through its subsidiaries, Healthcare of Today is engaged in businesses including: nurse staffing, insurance, residential care facilities for the elderly, home healthcare products and services, health staff education, medical technology, healthcare information technology, and more. For more information please visit


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