October 04, 2011 08:00 ET

HealthCPA Relieves the Stress Caused by Confusing and Expensive Medical Bills

New Service Delivers Hands-On Advocacy Paired With Secure Online Dashboard -- Saving Average of $1,000 Yearly on Medical Bills

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Oct 4, 2011) - HealthCPA is announcing a first-of-its-kind membership service that saves health care consumers money, time, and stress by handling all of the complexities of medical billing and health care financial management. Building on its unmatched 15-year track record in medical billing advocacy, HealthCPA offers a comprehensive approach to managing health care costs that includes a secure online dashboard, "MyHealthCPA," and dedicated personal advocacy.

"Because our health care system has become increasingly complex for consumers, most people lack the time and expertise to navigate the system and they end up losing real money," said Josh Greenberg, HealthCPA President and Co-founder. "The medical billing system is fraught with opportunities for errors and confusion -- which can add up to thousands of dollars in claim denials and overbilling to consumers. By helping our members choose the right health insurance plan and taking care of all their bills and insurance paperwork, we take away the stress and anxiety and ensure that they never pay more than they need to for their health care."

HealthCPA membership service
The new HealthCPA membership provides: 1) a personal Medical Billing Advocate as the member's single point of contact, 2) a comprehensive audit of all the member's medical bills and insurance statements each month, including flagging issues for follow-up, 3) consultation during open enrollment and throughout the year to review and optimize the member's insurance coverage, and 4) online access to a complete picture of their health care finances through their secure personal dashboard, "MyHealthCPA."

After conducting the comprehensive initial audit on each bill and insurance claim, HealthCPA's Advocates can coordinate with both the insurance plan and medical providers to fix any billing errors and insurance claim denials, file insurance claims and appeals, obtain pre-authorizations for procedures, (ensuring that members don't run into billing problems later), and even help with pre-procedure price comparison shopping. And, because HealthCPA manages the member's health care finances throughout the year, they are in an ideal position to optimize the member's health insurance (including Medicare and Medicare supplements).

Health Care Provider and Employer services:
HealthCPA offers custom solutions to a variety of health care providers, including hospitals, clinics and private practices. By offering HealthCPA services to their patients, providers help ensure patient satisfaction, differentiate in a competitive marketplace, and -- since 40% of patients delay payment of their bills due to confusion over what they owe (McKinsey Study) -- significantly reduce the patient confusion that results in late payments.

HealthCPA also provides services to employers to ensure that employees get the most out of their health care benefits and offers critical support to overworked HR departments. At the same time, employers are able to lower their medical payments and insurance premiums while improving employee satisfaction.

About HealthCPA
HealthCPA is the premier provider of personal health care financial management services, with an unmatched 15 year track-record in medical billing advocacy. The company saves its members money, time, and stress by helping them navigate the complex environment of today's health care financial system. HealthCPA combines an experienced staff of medical billing experts with personalized, concierge-style service and a world-class technology infrastructure with bank-level security. For more information on the company and its services, go to (,

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