June 22, 2009 21:32 ET Calls for People's Right to Have and Share Health Data

Thought-Leaders Unite to Release Declaration of Health Data Rights

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - June 22, 2009) - Today, thought leaders across healthcare are collaborating to launch and unveil a shared statement to ensure patients' rights to access and share their own health information.

The site, designed to give people a voice in preserving their right to take responsibility for their own information and care, features a Declaration of Health Data Rights that reads as follows:

In an era when technology allows personal health information to be more easily stored, updated, accessed and exchanged, the following rights should be self-evident and inalienable. We the people:

--  Have the right to our own health data
--  Have the right to know the source of each health data element
--  Have the right to take possession of a complete copy of our individual
    health data, without delay, at minimal or no cost; If data exist in
    computable form, they must be made available in that form
--  Have the right to share our health data with others as we see fit

These principles express basic human rights as well as essential elements of healthcare that are participatory, appropriate and in the interests of each patient. No law or policy should abridge these rights.

With broad support across the entire health industry, the Declaration of Health Data Rights and perspectives on what it means will be written about today across the blogosphere, including:

Additionally, a list of organizational and individual supporters is also available at To date, the list of corporate endorsements includes:

Association of Cancer Online Resources (ACOR)
Center for Democracy and Technology Dossia
Google Health
O'Reilly Media
Partners Healthcare


Launched in June 2009, is the home to our Declaration of Health Data Rights, an articulation of people's inalienable right to have and share their own health data. To endorse your right to health data, go to

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