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December 01, 2010 15:37 ET

Healthier Cows and a Healthier Planet: Health News Special Report

PASADENA, CA--(Marketwire - December 1, 2010) - Increased concern from scientists and the general public about climate change and related environmental issues dominate discussions about our planet's current health. News of bovine gas adding to methane pollution may bring a smile, but cow methane gas is of serious concern to some who are concerned about environmental issues. These issues are covered in the Special Report "Sound Agricultural Principles for Healthier Cows and a Healthier Planet."

Methane gas is a volatile greenhouse gas, and cow methane may contribute to as much as 18 percent of anthropogenic methane pollution. But, as life and health writer Alice Abler discusses in "Bovine Methane: Just a Lot of Hot Air?" there may be other factors that offset environmental issues of cow methane and Earth's current health.

News stories on this topic sometimes take a very narrow view of cow methane pollution and environmental issues, but in a special report, addresses myths and truths about bovine methane gas and takes a broad view, with surprising results.

Cow methane gas is directly related to what cattle eat. As part of's special report, Abler examines effects of different diets on cattle and the resulting nutritional quality of beef and dairy products; in particular, essential fatty acids. Current health news touts the benefits of a proper balance of these fatty acids on our minds and bodies, which Regina Meyer discusses in her article, "Food for Thought: Omega-3 and Omega-6." So what should we feed cattle, both for their benefit and to improve our current health? News from the field shows answers in Abler's article, "Grass-Fed Cattle and the Consumer."

Abler revisits a time when cattle still grazed in green pastures as she discusses the work of her grandfather, well-respected dairy expert Ted Forrest Fansher. Fansher managed pastures for the benefit of the cattle as well as the benefit of the land, turning rocky fields into verdant oases and establishing one of America's top-rated Jersey herds in his time. In "Respecful Dominion," she shows how Fansher's well-treated cows responded, and in "Reconsidering Managed Grazing," she shows how Fansher was ahead of his time with both environmental issues and issues found in current health news.'s special report, "Sound Agricultural Principles for Healthier Cows and a Healthier Planet," addresses the interconnectivity of our planet -- how and what we feed animals affects human health and our environment. Climate change, current health news, cow methane pollution -- each health and environmental issue affects the other. For more health news visit

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