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September 08, 2014 07:05 ET

Healthiest You's Progressive Approach Shifts Consumer Dependency Away From Major Medical Coverage for Routine Healthcare Needs

Record-Breaking 39% Consumer Utilization Supports Evidence of Broad Transformation in Healthcare Delivery

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwired - Sep 8, 2014) - Responding to consumers' growing demands to exercise more control in their personal healthcare choices, Healthiest You, a health and wellness delivery innovator, is flipping the traditional model in benefit plan creation, resulting in a doctor consultation, personal wellness coaching and prescription price comparisons being just a click away. With the goal of eliminating expensive and inefficient medical care delivery, the Arizona start-up company today released industry-leading statistics showing 39% engagement from members utilizing Healthiest You within their health plan, proving that a record-number of consumers are responding positively to the company's progressive approach to healthcare access.

Healthiest You is creating vast improvements in healthcare delivery, including lower costs, and more convenient access. "Imagine a world where doctors are standing by, waiting for your call instead of you waiting days for an appointment or being stranded for hours in an emergency room. For Healthiest You members, it's a reality. And for patients and companies, it costs less -- a lot less," said Jim Prendergast, CEO of Healthiest You. "Whether your child comes down with an ear infection on vacation, your spouse gets pink eye at home, or you're on a business trip when a sinus infection strikes, there is no need to incur costly trips to the doctor, urgent care or emergency room. Healthiest You is changing the way people handle common conditions."

Creating a model that has exceeded typical telehealth utilization statistics by more than tenfold, Healthiest You gives its members concierge doctor access using the tools and "pocket technology" that people manage the rest of their lives with -- their smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Healthiest You offers 24x7 access to doctors, proactive wellness coaching, and a medication price-shopping tool to make information relevant and personal to each member's condition and needs -- all of which is challenging the status quo of healthcare delivery and consumption.

Healthiest You's health and wellness offerings are available exclusively through a network of more than 1,700 experienced insurance partners and agencies, working with thousands of clients in every city and state. The service is often used to restructure an aging or costly health plan or as an addition to existing plans.

With a partner portal that equips benefit plan creators with ROI tools and creative engagement methods, Healthiest You is removing the cost and hassle barriers typical of traditional healthcare delivery with an offering that dramatically improves healthcare access with a $0 out-of-pocket cost for consumers. Additionally, the company provides a breakthrough wellness platform and prescription drug pricing transparency tool, all designed to engage members and empower them to take control of their health on their own terms.

"We understand that the customer experience and utilization are keys to success. With our unique engagement process, we are achieving exceptionally high employee utilization rates of nearly 40%," said Prendergast. "Member usage is really what sets us apart. In a recent Heathiest You member survey, 93% of patients reported that a health issue was resolved with Healthiest You, and the service earned a 97% satisfaction rate, compared with a national average rate of 68% satisfaction reported for traditional doctor's office visits."

"Healthiest You is not only changing the way patients receive care, but they're also changing the way benefit plans are designed," said Maurice M. DeRegis, National Sales Manager for Paragon Partners, a Scottsdale-based insurance brokerage firm. "By rethinking the way plans are built and putting Healthiest You as the top-level, front line of care, human resources managers are able to offer more benefits at significant cost savings to their companies and its employees. Healthiest You reduces their employees' need for the expensive benefits within their comprehensive, major medical plan. The result is elimination of claims that have effectively been redirected to this lower-cost service."

According to the Wellness Council of America, an estimated 70% of primary care, urgent care and emergency room visits can be avoided using telehealth services, leading to improved patient outcomes, better access to care, and tremendous time and cost savings. The top nine conditions that often result in doctor office, urgent care, or emergency room visits that can be handled via telephone, webcam, or email consultation are: allergies, acute bronchitis, earache, sore throat, pink eye, sinusitis, strep throat, upper respiratory infection, and urinary tract infection. 

Employers Save Money and Experience Positive Impact on Productivity

Healthiest You's focus on convenient healthcare delivery and wellness positively impacts on-the-job productivity with a one-two punch. First, Healthiest You delivers a model that puts consumers in control of how and when they receive healthcare that does not require traditional appointment-making, driving to a physician's office, and waiting in germ-laden patient waiting rooms, which impacts employee productivity. Secondly, they offer easily understood and relevant wellness coaching that is customized to the employee's lifestyle to influence healthier decisions and habits that may potentially prevent healthcare issues.

According to Healthiest You survey data, 30% of members received a call back from a doctor in less than two minutes, and the average call back time is 11 minutes. Patients are on the phone with a doctor in less time than it would take for most members to drive to a doctor's office.

"Companies offering Healthiest You are seeing a significant reduction in lost productivity and reduced paid time off due to health issues and doctor visits," continued Prendergast. "In fact, of members surveyed, 50% said that telephone consultations resulted in an employee not leaving work for care."

According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), average expenses for all people who had one or more visits to an ER in 2009 were $1,318. And, according to the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, the average primary care visit is $129, and urgent care around $155. With Healthiest You, most of these issues can be handled from the office, on the road or at home at no consultation charge to the employee.

"Compare the cost of this service to a typical copay or even worse the cost of a visit to a doctor or urgent care center," continued DeRegis. "If members have a high deductible policy or health savings account, known as a HSA, using Healthiest You could save them hundreds of dollars each year."

The Healthiest You Approach

Healthiest You addresses the three major areas with the highest potential to save consumers and employers from escalating healthcare costs, all delivered in an innovative, relevant, and actionable way:

1. Doctor Access: 24x7 access to a network of 2,300+ board-certified, licensed physicians via phone, email, and video for consultations, diagnosis, and prescriptions. Members can connect to a doctor whenever convenient and pay no consultation fees. The system allows members to securely manage personal information, share with their health providers, and access their electronic medical records.
2. Wellness Platform: Clinically validated online health platform that adapts to individual needs, helping manage a wide array of conditions and diseases. By creating a personal customized wellness blueprint, participants have demonstrated improvements in weight, stress, mood, and more, using intrinsic brain principles and behavioral motivators.
3. Prescription Savings: A comparison-shopping tool that provides transparency in prices for all FDA-approved prescription drugs at virtually every pharmacy in America. The program allows members to save up to 80% at local pharmacies and often beats the copay price, or helps with drugs that aren't covered by a plan, even for those who have insurance.

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Healthiest You, a health and wellness delivery innovator, is flipping the traditional healthcare delivery model by putting consumers in control of their healthcare experience with improved physician access and lowered costs. Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Healthiest You was founded in 2012 as a result of the merger of Healthiest You and HealthNowMD. Healthiest You is the only comprehensive healthcare delivery solution that provides 24x7 access to a network of more than 2,300 concierge doctors who are on call to members via telephone, webcam, or email to diagnose common conditions and prescribe medications when appropriate, a research-based online wellness program and a prescription drug cost comparison and savings tool. By reducing medical claims from traditional insurance plans, Healthiest You serves as an accessible and affordable complement to primary care, saving time, money, worry, and hassle. For more information, visit

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